Man on a White Horse: Idaho Gubernatorial Candidate Rex Rammell Holds Closed Meetings with LDS Elders on the “White Horse” Prophecy

Rex Rammell may be running for Idaho’s governorship, but he is clearly preparing for (or at least thinking of) something more grand. The Mormon candidate will be holding closed door meetings with elders from the Church of the Latter Day Saints (LDS) on the rather apocalyptic predictions by Joseph Smith called the “White Horse” prophesy that leads to Mormons saving the nation by taking over the government.

Rammell previously attracted national attention with a joke about hunting President Obama, here.

In January, Rammell will hold a series of special meetings targeted specifically at “faithful priesthood-holders of the LDS Church” to discuss the so-called “White Horse” prophecy. Smith foretold of a constitutional crisis that leads to the impending breakup of the United States — only to have the Mormons take over the government.

Women are not invited but Rammell said that their husbands can return home and explain to them what occurred.

Rammell insists that the meetings are closed but not secret:

“There is nothing secret about the meeting — it’s just the sacred nature of the things we will be talking about. We are going to talk about (LDS Church founder) Joseph Smith’s prophecy that the Constitution will be hanging by a thread and that the Latter-day Saint elders will step forward and save it. . . . Only LDS elders are invited because I don’t want people there that don’t believe that Joseph Smith was a prophet. . . . Any active member of the church is welcome to attend.”

Now that is the ultimate stimulus package. Of course with Sarah Palin sucking the oxygen out of the Republican race for the White House, an apocalypse may be the only viable option left to Mitt Romney.

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27 thoughts on “Man on a White Horse: Idaho Gubernatorial Candidate Rex Rammell Holds Closed Meetings with LDS Elders on the “White Horse” Prophecy”

  1. They are the greatest danger to individual freedom that the world has ever known.

  2. It would be bad enough if it was the only thing going on. But, as I understand it from talking to other mormons, they think they are to rule the world. They get it from the Prophesy of Daniel in the Old Testament. It says “All their lawless deeds will be forgiven and they will rule the world forever”. The saints ofg the last days, Daniel calls them. That’s why the mormons call themselves latter day saints and that’s why they could kill the entire Fancher wagon train (and only God knows how many since then) as part of their plan to take over. Do the research- it’s all out there.

  3. rcampbell wrote … “Nothing secret. We’re just planning the take over of the US government. Nothing for outsiders and non-conspirators to see here. Only those with the right magic underwear can hear what we’re planning. Catholics and Protestants and Jews and Muslims and Buddhists and Atheists and Scientologists and Evangelicals, you know—the others—can’t be part of our little take over, it’s just for us. The Taliban should be welcome though, ‘cuz they understand our goals.”

    Where do you get “take over the US government” from “defending our Constitution?”

    For your information, Rammell has been speaking to groups of all kinds all across Idaho. Because he has a meeting and invites members of his own faith he is condemned?

    Your leftwing nutjobs really need to open up a history book! Those who don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it!

  4. Rex is a true conservative, and won’t be popular with any liberal progressive newspapers, media news channels, or blogs.

    With Otter you get RNC status quo. With Keith Allred you get another Harvard trained Obama, using “consensus process” and “common interests” instead of the Constitution, to make decisions about legislation on state matters.

    I don’t think we need another Saul Aslinsky diciple to take more of our freedoms away like Obama has been trained to do.

    Time to get back to how this country was founded!!! That isn’t through special interests groups, federal stimulus pork money, corporate money, lobbyists, NGO’s, Unions, or DNC or RNC Party money coming from Washington D.C.

    We need a candidate that has lived in Idaho for generations, a rural Idahoan, and a freedom fighter!!!

    We need to get the Federal Government out of Idaho!

    States Rights for 2010!

  5. I’m glad Hiram posted – there are as many reasonable folks in the LDS and as many nut cases in the LDS as there are in the Catholic church and the fractured remnants of the Communist Party in America. A big slice of the LDS is made up of people we’re lucky to have as friends, neighbors, relatives and fellow citizens. That said, like any religion, there’s also a big slice of people who want to do some scary, nasty things. Like fundamentalists of any stripe (including fundamentalist atheists), they have a mindset that is totally incompatible with with the US constitution and it’s very difficult balancing of individual and group rights, within an essentially secular, humanist framework. These are people who cling desperately to an external source for a black-and-white set of rules by which to live their lives. They fear (and are ill equipped to be) making the hard decisions that have to be made within our constitutional system.

    To Hiram’s pointing out that this prophesy may not have come from Smith’s mouth: From my perspective, and I suspect – but in no way know, from Prof. Turley’s perspective in writing the piece, it doesn’t matter whether or not Smith actually said it. If these folks believe that it is “real” from their perspective, that’s what’s important.

    It’s unfortunate that elements within the LDS do things like this which appears to be backsliding on the progress that the LDS as a whole has made in overcoming its history of racism. (Yes, I’m saying it explicitly – racism plays a big part in why, all of a sudden, folks like this subset of the LDS and the teabaggers are so quickly up in arms and claiming that America is falling apart. Many of them just can’t deal with a smart, hard working “black” person being president. Now, the correlation between the LDS starting to admit non-“white” people and the rise in incomes and net worth of non-“white” people in America is a whole other issue…)

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