No School Left Behind: Taliban Blows Up School for Girls in Pakistan

The Taliban gave the world another example of why its educational programs are so low cost and effective. In the Khyber District of Pakistan the Taliban blew up a girls’ school. This was a moderate response for the organization, which is known to throw acid in the faces of girls trying to go to school.

This was the ninth educational institution blown up in Khyber over the past six weeks.

Many families in the area support the Taliban and its medieval views of women. It is an example of the type of violence that many fear will spread throughout Pakistan as the government cracks down on the Taliban.

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3 thoughts on “No School Left Behind: Taliban Blows Up School for Girls in Pakistan”

  1. Faraz:

    Reagan did not blow up any schools, at least in this country. But then Charlie Wilson was the one that pushed the Russians out of Afghanistan.

  2. Just so that people know Zia Ul Haq , the dictator who crushed educational institutions in Pakistan and helped develop the Talibans was The US president Reagan , that half of the US voters call as a great president !

  3. Hell when I was growing up it could have been somebody I knew that did that. Go to pay phone and call in bomb threat. Look at office from the phone to make sure they are not looking at you….

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