As a special gift to Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels, I wanted to show that his denouncing of atheism was not ignored. He clearly touched this creature.

It is believed that he is praying for new grass.

The important thing is that he is praying and . . . well, we know what dog is spelled backwards. A coincidence, I think not. Governor Daniels would likely point out that Prairie Dogs (known for their piety) have never had a recorded act of genocide or ethnic cleansing.

15 thoughts on “THE PIOUS PRAIRIE DOG”

  1. Elaine:

    Actually that is a territorial dispute, they call it sumo wrestling prairie dog style. Notice how the one was thrown to the “mat” at the end.


    I ‘specially liked how when I clicked on the vid an advertizment for ‘The Hottest Girls On The Web!’ popped up. LOL, I’m suspecting lipstick isn’t going to help a whole lot if you’re linked to a prairie dog vid. 🙂

  3. Very true Elaine,

    Notice in the video above an “evil” prairie dog is whispering in the ear of the cat. It’s saying: “just go ahead and pick the mouse from the hole of good and evil, nothing will happen to you”. So the cat is going to get the mouse and bring it over to the dog whereupon she will say, “Adam (dog’s name) eat of the fruit of the mouse hole of good and evil. The prairie dog has told me it is delicious and no harm will come to us.”– I think you know the rest of the story!

  4. if that lil’ sob is in Wyoming, he better quit praying and start duckin. Bubba has a 243 Winchester and that lil’ dog is probably in his sights.

    They shoot prairie dogs out west for “fun” and “sport” or at least they used to. Ostensibly to protect grazing land and livestock.

  5. Buddha,

    I am sure if you watched one episodic lamentation of BillO, you’d have it down in no time at all.

  6. Elaine M.,

    I am sure that she couldn’t have an opinion unless it was based in some act of terrorism or Obama bashing.

  7. Jill–

    Actually, he took what Governor Daniels said to heart. He’s praying for the souls of his unholy heathen prairie dog brethren who haven’t seen the light yet. He’s hoping they’ll be converted–to the right religion, of course.

    What do you think prairie dogs are anyway, Jill? Just “accidental protoplasm?”

  8. Strangely enough, there are foxes in prairie dog holes.

    Whether or not they are atheists, I cannot attest to as I do not speak fluent fox.

  9. Well, if’n I had a face like hisn’ I would be prayin’ to the Prairie God too…

    No, Prof T, I think he is prayin’ not for grass, but for no gas of aluminum phosphine.

    We humans take some outrageous actions against our wildlife neighbors to rid ourselves of their presence in *their* native habitats.

  10. Makes sense to me:

    Prairie dogs live in large colonies or “towns” – collections of prairie dog families that can span hundreds of acres.

    Some towns in the US are much smaller.

    Families usually consist of 1 male and 2 to 4 females living in a strict social hierarchy.

    It makes sense that this is the GOP mantra. You never know where you might end up so its best to follow the custom of the towns folks that are in charge.

    Prairie dog pups reach sexual maturity at about 3 years of age, and after their third winter the dominant male in a given family will drive them away, forcing them to establish their own families on the edges of the colony.

    Seems like the LDS has taken its clue or at least Warren Jeffs. By the way, hows his trial going?

    The dominant male will defend the family’s borders against rival prairie dogs, and disputes are resolved by fighting.

    Enough said.

    Prairie dogs are also aggressive against predators such as badgers and snakes.

    Aren’t we all. They are also vegans and only eat meat by accident. Poor worms. Never heard of the Edit.

    Prairie dogs are social animals, however, and often make social visits with each other, and greet each other with a sort of kiss.

    That’s one things the liberals have on the GOP any day of the week. The reason that the folks in the GOP look like they are smiling is that thar ass is tight. They have built up so much gas and release as they speak. Heck wouldn’t you be happy as well?

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