We are now four days short of the finish line in the ABA top blog competition. While the vote count has now been hidden by the ABA, we must learn to fight blindfolded and trust our senses, Little Grasshoppers.

As Elaine has pointed out, we are in need of a heroine to inspire our crusade for blog immortality. Here is her video of Xena the Blog Warrior Princess:

Xena states in one of her inspiring moments:

“A long time ago you told me the cycle of hate has to end and the only way to end it is through love. It’s a hard lesson to learn. Callisto couldn’t possibly know or understand that.”
— Xena(in Callisto’s body) in “Intimate Strangers”

Xena would say “now go find Intimidate Strangers and defeat our foes with loving acts of voting followed by gratuitous acts of destruction.”


  1. Our host is genuinely humble; and “res ipsa loquitur” is truly the “Invincible Blog” armed with the “Incredible Green Destiny” …
    now with only 3 days left in the quest for blog immortality…VOTE!

  2. In keeping with our Kung Fu theme, I humbly offer this advice to our ebullient rival at Satyicon:

  3. LK,

    You are a worthy opponent, skilled in the ninja arts. I’m impressed!

    P.S. Hope the kitties are all doing well.

  4. Jill, OMG! Wagner and the smell of napalm in the morning just gets my blood up. There may be one other place I can do a posting to solicit votes, I’ll give it a shot. And wax my surfboard.

  5. ‘Fesser T, I think it wrong to “believe” in the unbelievable and supernatural, ergo my atheism.

    Unless there is a dramatic increase in votes for this blawg, your quest for Blog Immortality is going to fail to that other place known as Blog *Immorality*.

    Your blawg should not be in the same category as ‘that other one’. There are some other very good competitors in your category and in your defeat, you will still be in good company.

    I still have 9 votes remaining for other blawgs in other categories and I will cast those over the next few days.

    I will still visit LS because—notwithstanding the proprietor—it is still a good First Amendment site and M.R. has some very good ideas and comments amongst the bad and disingenuousness.

  6. Regardless of vote totals, we have still won. The why and how of that assertion should be self-evident.

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