Fox Expert: Strip Search All Muslim Men Between The Ages of 18-28

Retired Lt. General Tom McInerney appeared on Fox News to offer his own proposal for making air travel safer: strip search all Muslim men between 18 and 28. That’s right, strip search every Muslim male at the airport.

Here is how the General explained how we need to “be very serious and harsh about the profiling:” “If you are an 18 to 28-year-old Muslim man then you should be strip searched. And if we don’t do that, there’s a very high probability we’re going to lose an airliner.”

I think that the General has the right thought but the wrong conclusion. What does every airline bomber have in common? Clothes. No clothes means by definition no shoe bombs, no underwear bombs, no explosive vests. People could appear naked at security points and be given those paper gowns used by hospitals.

Of course, Osama Bin Laden could still fly without stripping as would Richard Reid. It would delay things for such athletes as Ramzee Robinson (Cleveland Browns), Abdul Raheeda Hodge (Cincinnati Bengals), Usama Young (Saints), Husain Ibn Muhammed Abdullah (Minnesota Vikings), Kareem Brown (Jets), and others. Congressman Keith Maurice Ellison and Elias A. Zerhouni (Director of the NIH) made it over the line and can keep their clothes on.

150 thoughts on “Fox Expert: Strip Search All Muslim Men Between The Ages of 18-28”

  1. Anything you let the cops do to someone else, they can do to YOU!

    Great to sit back and think that some insane idea like this would never affect you, because your not a criminal.

    Ever hear of some innocent person getting killed when police use a no knock warrant?
    Ever hear of some innocent person getting strip searched?

    Even traffic cameras…people believe that since they don’t speed/run lights, that THEY will be unaffected, and only the guilty will be caught.
    Then they find SIX CITIES that have changed the timers on the lights, to catch more people. (And these are JUST the ones they caught!)
    And they had people printing & putting other people’s license #’s on their cars, and then running lights so they would get tickets.

    Never think because you aren’t a criminal or get in trouble that these laws won’t ever affect you, because your giving up your rights pieces at a time.

  2. Ailes and Murdoch have an agenda. Hiring Palin is 1-3 years of publicity and ‘practice’ for Sister Sarah to get her ready for her next run for national office IMO.

  3. Gyges:

    Is he any relation to Marsh Mallow?

    personally I like Button Gwinnett.

    Mallow is rather overated and was really only good for s.m.o.r.e.s.

  4. Related only by FOX:

    I just have to engage in a little blatant mockery here, HAHA!

  5. FFLEO,
    I have no desire to see Jill leave, but I honestly believe that she has acted unfairly towards many. Do I feel compassion for her? Yes I do, but tempering it is a history of self righteous behavior that has also been highly annoying and unfair.
    There are few things that cause me to get angry and self righteousness is high on that small list. That being said I rarely hold grudges and that is why I admitted to holding a grudge regarding Jill in the interest of honest disclosure.

    As far as the two of us go we are the old farts of this blog and while we’ve had disparate histories it is interesting that there is much we agree on. I think age and experience provide a certain life perspective and dare I say wisdom. The politics part of the equation is, as I think you know, the most superficial of all and some of my closest friends in life have been ultra conservatives. That politics today has caused such a tremendous division in this country is to me proof of its
    ineffectiveness in governing a society.

    As I’ve written in the past, some of the people I’ve known in my life who bothered me the most were people with similar radical views to mine. The reason is that intolerance of others crosses the right/left division and while as a Jew I have of course antipathy for Hitler, I see little difference in the end between he and Stalin as human monsters, even with their diametrically opposed political positions. The greatest enemy of humanity is intolerance of others, which to me unfortunately affects most of our lizard brains.

  6. Mike Spindell wrote in part:

    “…including a strong denunciation from FFLEO.”

    Mike S.,

    Regardless of my disagreement with you, which had substantively more to do with the ‘Gates/Crowley’ LE incident than with Jill, I made it clear throughout our correspondences that you are my favorite poster within this blawg and continue to be. We both experienced the same era in life although we grew up on the diametrically opposed societal ‘side of the tracks; Hippy v. Goat Roper.’

    I ask that you now reflect on your training, career, and knowledge of psychology to show a bit more compassion for Jill and accept her as she is. Jill has stated that that I am one of the worst regarding sexism who post herein; nonetheless, she also stated after that announcement that she liked and admired me. She even stated that Prof Turley’s original articles often tended to be sexist; ergo she thinks that he is also somewhat sexist and yet he is requesting her to remain as a regular.

    You are too wise and experienced a man to allow yourself to become mired in mere words that someone used to misrepresent you. You and I can never change Jill’s *opinion* about us as being sexist. We both know that is a false assessment—most assuredly more so for you than me. However, I simply choose to ignore such misrepresentations, especially within an online forum, and prefer to see value in Jill’s contributions.

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