Pierre Sarkozy Makes “Miraculous Escape” From Mudslide . . . By Staying At Party

French officials have been heralding the amazing escape of the eldest son of French President Nicolas Sarkozy, Pierre, after a mudslide killed 64 people on the Isle of Pigs in Brazil. It was certainly an amazing and terrible mudslide but the escape was a bit less remarkable.

It turns out that Pierre’s “miraculous escape” occurred by his staying at the party with other New Year revelers in a luxury resort. The private house was unscathed by the mudslide and he was rescued later by Brazilian forces.

A French diplomat explained that “they stayed put and the emergency services were able to get to them once everything had calmed down. It was a terrifying experience.” Pierre is a rap music producer and was staying in the home of Ivo Pitanguy, a leading plastic surgeon whose client list includes French First Lady Carla Bruni-Sarkozy.

I don’t mean to belittle this story but, with dozens of dead people, Pierre’s harrowing experience may not rank as a miracle.

The previous Sarkozy son to face a mudslide was Jean after his father put him in a high-ranking position at the age of 23, here

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5 thoughts on “Pierre Sarkozy Makes “Miraculous Escape” From Mudslide . . . By Staying At Party”

  1. The celebration of undeserved celebrity that dominates the news is a sign of the coarsening of society that has taken over the planet. The deaths of sixty-four people become secondary to the lucky survival of some rich party goers. It is a sick joke akin to the one from the 50’s which was:

    Aside from that Mrs. Lincoln…..how was the play?

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  3. AY:

    this is America we use that archaic oz and gallon thingy. but that sure does sound pretty dam good.

  4. Thats why I stayed at the party to avoid the Mudslides. Yep thatis my story and I am sticking with it. However, it is indeed a miracle as he produces Rap.

    As you can imagine I did fall victim to a Mudslide once and here is why. You will understand after you have been the victim of 15. For some reason or another I thought Chocolate was to help you get in the mood. They say Candy is dandy, liquor is quicker. On all fronts and at one point on all fours it really became quite hard to find the door. The jury is still out for me. I would say hung, but I would not want to offend anyone.

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    If you run out of anything, forget it. DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT ever use Dr Pepper as a Mixer. Bad results occur.

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