This Week on Fox: Brit Hume Tries To Convert Tiger

Fox News’ Brit Hume raised a few eyebrows with his advice this week on Fox Sunday when the subject of Tiger Woods came up. Hume stated that the question of whether Woods can recover from his scandal “depends on his faith” and specifically the need for him to dump his Buddhist faith for Christianity.

So that nothing is lost in translation, here is what Hume said:

The extent to which he can recover seems to me depends on his faith. He is said to be a Buddhist. I don’t think that faith offers the kind of forgiveness and redemption that is offered by the Christian faith. My message to Tiger would, ‘Tiger, turn to the Christian faith and you can make a total recovery and be a great example to the world.”

Perhaps this is why so many Christian leaders have sexual scandals . . . because they can. Just look recently at how well Larry Craig, David Vitter and Ted Haggard have done. I am unsure why Hume did not offer the same advice to Eliot Spitzer (Jewish) given his religious impediments. Bill Clinton certainly proved Hume’s point in picking religions for their scandal-capacity. By this logic, the “greatest example to the world” would be for that stubborn Dalai Lama to convert. This new pitch of “Got Scandal? Get Jesus” is something the Church has not yet rolled out as a campaign.

Of course, Hume may be referring to the fact that many figures in the Old Testament had multiple wives — making Tiger look like a virtual underachiever.

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49 thoughts on “This Week on Fox: Brit Hume Tries To Convert Tiger”

  1. Buddha:

    the problem with Tiger Woods is Earl Woods thinking he was the Messiah. And Tiger playing too much golf when he could have been chasing women or just hanging out with some friends and having a black label beer or some other crappy beer you drink in college and bitch about with friends.

    Hume should have told Mr. and Mrs. Woods to convert to something and ask for forgiveness. Doesn’t relieve Tiger of his responsibility but it might help his psyche.

    It appears that childhood is indeed necessary for a healthy adult. See Michael Jackson and any number of child stars.

  2. Buddha,

    You should know by now I don’t usually include words without a reason. The word to pay attention to is “good.”

  3. AY,

    That was a GREAT show.

    One you couldn’t get on the air today either.

  4. maverratick,

    “If Brit Hume were a Buddhist, it would be more shocking.”

    To say the least.

    Anyone familiar with Buddhism will tell you the likely comment from a Buddhist Hume would have been along these lines:

    “Tiger, you should go back and examine the events that led up to this and ask yourself, ‘Where did I go astray? When did my actions and words take me from the path to enlightenment?’ Once you’ve done that and identify what failing in yourself and your actions has caused this situation, Mr. Woods? You should try to make things right with your wife. You have simply wronged her. You cannot undo that, but you can learn from your mistakes and move forward. You should try to mend your relationship. If you are fortunate, she will forgive you. But do not mistake forgiveness for a pass. Forgiveness is a gift, not a license to fornicate outside your sworn bond with the mother of your children. Learn from your mistake or be doomed to repeat it. The Wheel is yours to get off of as is the choice to stay on for the ride. Every step away from the Wheel is a step toward satori. But the choice and the work required ahead is yours to do. It’s your karma that you are tending. The choice is always yours.”

  5. Buddha,

    Was there not an episode of Archie when he was to get an infusion and found out it was from one of them people.

    138. ARCHIE’S OPERATION (PART 1) October 20, 1976
    Archie’s trip to the hospital is an ethnic nightmare: He’s admitted by a Puerto Rican receptionist, treated by a Jewish physician, and is forced to accept a blood transfusion from a black doctor.

  6. It’s shocking because it’s polarized evangelism. If he had given unasked-for advice to “get religion” in general, it would have been one thing. If Brit Hume were a Buddhist, it would be more shocking.

    But this was advice to switch from Tiger’s current religion, which he ignorantly badmouthed, and specifically to Christianity, which is Brit Hume’s religion, because Brit Hume thinks its Biblical dogma and confession-of-sins feature is relevant to this situation.

    Who the hell cares if Brit Hume’s god will forgive you if you cheat on your wife? Tiger can switch from Buddhism to the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, and that god doesn’t give a flying F if you cheat on your wife. He won’t even have to make a confession.

    So Tiger, if you’re listening, my message to you would be: turn to the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, and you will AUTOMATICALLY make a total recovery and be a great example to the world. This is a much better deal than Brit Hume is offering because Brit Hume will require you to make a confession to HIS god and Tiger’s had enough embarrassment already.

  7. Gyges,

    Go check out that link. You have your huckleberry if you wish to discuss perception versus reality in the U.S.


    In spades.

    And I’m just laughing too hard to respond myself. Poorly written Fundie propaganda has that effect on me.

  8. Why convert, just do a mea culpa and blame it on Rio.

    If he is a Buddhist can he say the devil made him do it?

  9. This is off topic but related to media . . . and just too funny to not relay.

    Rush Limpbaugh praises Hawaiian health care, not realizing it’s the most progressive and most socialized system in the country. So much so that the state is exempted from parts of the Senate’s Insurance Whore Package, er, um, Bill because the state already exceeds that “plan” in services.

    I laughed and laughed at the irony of Mr Anti-Union Anti-Public Option being saved by a socialized union staffed hospital.

    Seriously. I almost hurt myself.

  10. It’s hard to imagine Edward R Murrow, Uncle Walter, David Brinkley and any of the other Great newspersons making such a comment on air. Only at Fox.

  11. Buddha,

    Got all that, just pointing out that Mr. Hume (and by extension most of the people commenting on what he said) were over-simplifying.

    I also might have been trying to lure someone into a good “perception of religions” in the U.S. conversation.

  12. Jill,

    I am unsure of your silence as to an apology to swartzmore mom. Anyone here would expect her to apologize to you for your verbal assault upon you.

    Since you cannot phantom an apology or admit you are wrong, don’t you think that you are a Hypocrite in demanding reparations from Obama for Bushes deeds?

    If you cannot see what I am stating outright then I am done with you except to castigate you when you offend another. Take you shot but do them well.

  13. Paul Krugman is a genius. He figured all this stuff out.

    Basically when a religious leader gets caught in a sex scandal and immediately makes a public confession (only after being caught, of course) those on the left get mad because they see the problem as hypocrisy. The person didn’t practice what they preach, and is tossing up a cheap public confession to Jesus as a Band-Aid.

    Those on the right don’t see the hypocrisy as the problem at all. They see the problem as the sex.

    Once the guy apologizes, they’re totally pacified. He came back into the fold, apologized to Jesus, and they greet him back warmly. Then they’re ready to defend him vigorously. But if he had been e.g. a Jewish religious leader making an apology, then the sex would still be a problem. The only antidote for sex is Jesus, and an appeal specifically to Jesus will erase the problem completely.

  14. Gyges,

    I’m making a joke. I agree that there are mulitple versions of christianity and buddhism. Elaine put the video of our soldiers praying to kill muslims in her post to which I responded. This version of christianity has nothing to do with redemption or forgiveness, unless it is in the blockbuster movie sense of those terms. That Brit doesn’t see any irony that way too many christians have just such a murderous take on christianity, but instead worries about buddhism, it’s just ridiculous.

  15. Gyges,

    Lack of homogeneity aside? Check Rich’s post above. In general broad terms, his assessment of C vs. B is not too bad. But as you say, there are multiple flavors of both.

    BTW, I am on Good Reads now but I haven’t had time to do anything but set up the account. What a neat website.

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