This Week on Fox: Brit Hume Tries To Convert Tiger

Fox News’ Brit Hume raised a few eyebrows with his advice this week on Fox Sunday when the subject of Tiger Woods came up. Hume stated that the question of whether Woods can recover from his scandal “depends on his faith” and specifically the need for him to dump his Buddhist faith for Christianity.

So that nothing is lost in translation, here is what Hume said:

The extent to which he can recover seems to me depends on his faith. He is said to be a Buddhist. I don’t think that faith offers the kind of forgiveness and redemption that is offered by the Christian faith. My message to Tiger would, ‘Tiger, turn to the Christian faith and you can make a total recovery and be a great example to the world.”

Perhaps this is why so many Christian leaders have sexual scandals . . . because they can. Just look recently at how well Larry Craig, David Vitter and Ted Haggard have done. I am unsure why Hume did not offer the same advice to Eliot Spitzer (Jewish) given his religious impediments. Bill Clinton certainly proved Hume’s point in picking religions for their scandal-capacity. By this logic, the “greatest example to the world” would be for that stubborn Dalai Lama to convert. This new pitch of “Got Scandal? Get Jesus” is something the Church has not yet rolled out as a campaign.

Of course, Hume may be referring to the fact that many figures in the Old Testament had multiple wives — making Tiger look like a virtual underachiever.

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49 thoughts on “This Week on Fox: Brit Hume Tries To Convert Tiger”

  1. Mike S:

    “Hume’s statement just indicates his own parochial stupidity and smug attitudes towards others. If you think about it it is antithetical to Jesus’ own teachings, but when has a Christian Fundamentalist ever let a small detail like that stop them.”


    Here’s one of my favorites from Aldous Huxley:

    “Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored.”

  2. Buddha:

    Nope, you’re not cynical at all. Hume has shown he is no shattered father but a Christian solider bent on proselytizing and pissing everyone off in the process. That O’Reilly interview was the worst.

  3. Besides basking in the bosom of my family I didn’t comment on this because this was about Brit Hume. To me this is not a man who can be taken seriously on anything. I have no doubt his faith is a comfort to him and he is sincere in his belief. His statement, however, was inappropriate for a journalist but then he really isn’t one anyway. It was also stupid because he was on the panel with Kristol and so was insulting that fool with his comments.

    As to Buddhism vs. Christianity a small knowledge of religious history is helpful. The formulation which is mostly know to Christians as “The Golden Rule” is the basis of most major religions. The historical record shows Confucius appeared to first use it around 500 BCE, followed closely by The Buddha, the Pharisees and Jesus. The issue is ones understanding of the pain inflicted by one’s actions and the personal redemption received from the admission of error and positive steps towards redressing the wrong.

    While Christians believe that simply praying to Jesus mitigates the egregious behavior, clearly the only true mitigation comes from understanding of the transgression and sincere efforts towards behavioral change. This can be accomplished by a Christian, Buddhist, Muslim, Jew, Hindu or atheist, if there is true understanding and regret of ones bad behavior. Hume’s statement just indicates his own parochial stupidity and smug attitudes towards others. If you think about it it is antithetical to Jesus’ own teachings, but when has a Christian Fundamentalist ever let a small detail like that stop them.

  4. LK,

    If you can see what I am saying and how ridiculous it is, either disregard my posts or state your point and move on. Go back a week a week and a half and see what was said to Mike S and a few others. This was for being sexist and bigots.

    The point is and as blunt as it is, she plays the use of sexist and bigot, where she is the chief offender, in the female role. Where is Mike S. by the way?

    The cycle of the moon affects everyone, just ask the police and see what they have to say. Ask a person that works in ER or ED depending on the area you live. More Heart Attacks tend to happen at that time.

    We also recently had a Lunar eclipse during the full moon on December 31 as well. You tell me what I meant by that.

    I do not recall word roaches directed at Jill or anyone by the way. If you want it directed towards her then who am I to complain.

    I say and I have said that she is as guilty as Obama for being a Hypocrite. If you can see through the facade.

    I have yet to hear or see her apologize. Have you heard Obama, Bush or Cheney do the same?

    BTW you dressing me down on the Corrections Page the end of November when the Professor had initiated the same, did not go unnoticed either. You apologized and I moved on. I did not even broach the subject again.

    Since this is a free site and I am free to say as you are what you will. I will, so long as it is within boundaries of civility.

    Word Roaches? I am going to have to see if it could be directed at Jill.

    As I stated earlier, either ignore my posts or read them, I don’t care.

  5. Byron,

    You’ll get no argument in re Earl Woods. He wasn’t parent of the year material for sure. It’s bad to tell kids they are “the chosen” or “special”. Like you say, Hollywood is littered with the broken lives of child stars and former child stars who came crashing down for various reason, but all reasons related to their egos being malformed from an early age.


    That was a jumping? You are the nicest attacker I’ve ever had then. I considered it a mild chastising. I responded by the way. I hope it addressed your concern.

  6. AY, give it up; who appointed you the apology police? I did not get that memo fro JT. This is the third thread you’ve brought it up. Do you think I’m going to jump BIL’s butt for pursuing someone across threads and overlook you? Not happen’. What’s next, calls for other posters to repudiate? Your outrage is drifting toward the Republican IMO.

    I say 3 because the comments on “Underwear Bomber” are not lost on me (Word roaches? Really?)leading up to this one:

    “The problem with personal attacks and some folks, is when the attacks start you never know where they are going to end. I think its best if they get cut off quick and recognize them for what they are as subtle as they can be.

    Who knows they may be tied to the cycle of the moon. I certainly don’t.”
    What? Do you think ‘they may be tied to the cycles of the moon’ is subtle? Not well known code words in referring to a female? FAIL. Please try harder if you want to fly under my radar.

    “Poll: 58 Percent of Americans Want Underwear Bomber To Be Tortured”
    “Fox Expert: Strip Search All Muslim Men Between The Ages of 18-28”
    And this thread. Three. Way too many. People bitched at Patty but they didn’t cross-post harassing her for an apology. It’s disruptive. Say you piece and move on. Your disrupting my Wa.

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