Theft of Auschwitz Sign Connected To Wealthy British Nazi Sympathizer

Polish police have recovered the stolen sign from above the entrance gate of the Auschwitz Nazi concentration camp. The infamous sign reads “Arbeit Macht Frei” (“Work Sets You Free”) and was recovered in three pieces after thieves dumped it in the woods while being pursued by police. The 16-foot sign was reportedly destined for a wealthy Englishman and Nazi sympathizer as a collectable.

Five Polish men were arrested and the theft was connected to an extreme-right group in Sweden. The group was reportedly going to hide the sign in Stockholm and then use the money to fund Nazi activities and attacks in Sweden. The thieves appear to have been in the plot purely for the money as opposed to organizers, here. They were to receive $43,000 each.

There has been no identification of the English collector.

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3 thoughts on “Theft of Auschwitz Sign Connected To Wealthy British Nazi Sympathizer”

  1. A wealthy Englishman and Nazi sympathizer?

    Tony Blair? Is that you?

  2. Dredd,

    What middle class. You dumb down the education system. There is no one left.

    You say Polish citizens stole this? Only Verb and Noun I can think of….

    Ya here about the Polish car wash? Yeah they wax it before they wash it….

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