Happy Martin Luther King Day!

Best wishes to everyone on Martin Luther King Day! The messages today, however, appear a bit confused with the holiday . . .

A review of headlines does not actually capture the day . . .

Black conservatives celebrated MLK Day with Glenn Beck (here), who previously compared himself to King, here. Beck wanted to hold a march on the same day as the “I Have a Dream” speech for conservatives. (By the way, waiting for the movie Avatar to start yesterday, I saw an advert for a film of O’Reilly and Beck to be shown in theaters around the country. Now that would be an interesting group).

Al Qaeda appears to be celebrating with a new round of terror in Kabul, here. The offensive could be an effort at an Afghan version of the Tet Offensive. Of course, MLK Day has never been officially recognized on the organization’s calendar which is already crowded with such holidays as Kill the Infidel Day and Stone the Sinful Woman Day.

Then there is the op-ed appearing in the Jerusalem Post by Rabbi Marc Schneier who writes the following in a Martin Luther King Day column:

While his messages of hope and tolerance were clearly designed for a specific time and place, they are in many ways universal. In fact, there is little doubt that he would have taken great pride and satisfaction in looking upon Israeli society as an exemplar of what is possible when people learn to live among each other in peace and harmony.

The column ran the same day that Amnesty International released a report accusing Israel of withholding food, medical supplies and other items as “collective punishment” against Gaza, here, BBC is reporting that Israel has again cut off water, here. Maybe not the best timing.

Former St. Louis Cardinals slugger Mark McGwire is publicly telling people ‘Let’s all move on.” However, that inspirational note is about ending questions about his steroid use as a major league player.

Can someone suggest a good story or headline that seems to capture the spirit of MLK?

39 thoughts on “Happy Martin Luther King Day!”

  1. 30%er probably doesn’t think there are any black conservatives.

    You should break out the L.T. from Florida video.

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    Any questions?

  3. Duh.

    If you think that racism is coming from liberals as opposed to conservatives then there’s not much I can say to you.

    If you have to have it explained to you that the overwhelming majority of racists comes from conservatism, then no one can explain it to you. The capacity just isn’t there.

  4. The more you know.


  5. 30%er,

    What percentage of those who consider themselves to be Republicans do you consider to be racists?

    I used to watch Dianne Baker. That was a good show.

    What has led you to believe that Sarah Palin is racist? And half the Republican Congress?

    Can you name a few Republicans that have done excellent work to improve race relations?

    I bet I can name some pretty racist Democrats from our past and present. If you think that anything the pundits say is a meaningful representation of the whole, you don’t know the whole, and you’re not comparing it to how it used to be.

  6. I see the progress. I watched as Captain Kirk gave Lt Uhura the first on air interracial kiss. I watched as the first strong independent black woman got a TV show (Julia) and I watched as the black American become more mainstream and accepted thanks to the efforts of men like Doctor King, JFK and Bobby, LBJ and Hollywood (Hollywood played a big role in pushing aside discrimination).

    But the same racists are still here. They haven’t gone anywhere. And now thanks to the efforts of people like Rush Limbaugh, Sara Palin, and the Neoconservative right wing (wherein the majority of racism comes from in this country) its becoming more acceptable for racists to have a voice in the public media. Ann Coulter. Glen Beck. Palin. Limbaugh. Robertson. And half the republican congress.

    The fact is there is one party in this country associated with racism and that is the right wing. The overwhelming majority of racists in this country come from the right wing. I’ll be happy when this changes.

  7. 30%er,

    How old are you? A range is close enough. I’m interested because I was born in the 50’s and let me tell you, we’ve come a long way since the time when I was a child. I don’t think we’re anywhere close to being color blind, but we’ve made significant progress during my lifetime.

    Mr. King might not be the one who lit the fire, but he did so much to keep it burning bright that I hope he is always remembered.

  8. Its amazing to me that when I was a kid this was all going on in the US. Its amazing to me that black Americans had to march in the streets and be beaten down by racists and fools.

    And its amazing to me that in this day and age that those racists haven’t gone anywhere. There’s still here infesting our country like a scourge.

    A really happy Martin Luther King day for me would be one where the voices of racists are no longer heard.

  9. You are right Professor Turley. The headlines don’t really match what Rev. kind stood for. We as a country are still a work in progress and someday we may reach the mountain top. Enjoy your day.

  10. I like what Dennis Miller said. This is a day that pisses racists off-but they’re still not going in to work. Hell no.

  11. We will celebrate most anything. Give America a reason. Some days are better than others to celebrate.

  12. Happy Birthday Mr. King, how fitting that your name truly describes what you were.

    And to think we gave it to Elvis is beyound me.

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