Video: Olympian Wardrobe Malfunction

The video below may be the ultimate malfunction for an Olympic athlete. For all of us who have had open zipper moments or torn pants, this may make you feel a little better. UK bobsled competitor Gillian Cooke become an overnight YouTube sensation.

This is why I no longer wear Spandex to work.

The accident occurred at World Championships in Switzerland with Scottish-born Cooke about to jump off on the track with her team mate Nicola Minichielle.

I was once arguing in front of the Connecticut Supreme Court when my co-counsel, a former Justice himself, had the ultimate malfunction. Getting out of his car, he ripped his pants from the crotch to the knee. Like a true trooper, he continued to court — appearing in an overcoat to protect confidential secrets.

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7 thoughts on “Video: Olympian Wardrobe Malfunction”

  1. I see the good prof. posted the version of the video with the jumbo fart at the end. Stay classy San Diego!

    1. I am mortified. Since I blog at 5 am, I had the sound turned off. I have replaced the video with a less juvenile choice.

  2. This is just cheeky. I suppose it would be hard to turn the other cheek in this matter.

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