Washington Woman Allegedly Killed as “Warlock” in Wiccan Murder

Police in Everett, Washington are dealing in a rather bizarre murder where Eric Christensen allegedly kiled Sherry Harlan, 35, for breaking a “Wiccan blood oath” by texting another man on her cellphone. Christensen, 40, allegedly cut up her body and distributed it around Snohomish County. Text-based blood oath violations were presumably not one of the original Wiccan problems but all religions have to adapt to modern technology.

The police say that Christensen said that Harlan took a blood oath to cut off any communications with the third man and that, by breaking the oath, she became “a ‘warlock,’ literally an evil traitor.”

Christensen is charged with first-degree murder and faces a daunting amount of incriminating evidence from blood found in Harlan’s apartment to store surveillance video showing him driving Harlan’s car and purchasing cleaning items.

I particularly like how he continues to wear his shades in reverse for the mugshot picture. Someone might have told him that he was likely to be staying for a while.

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20 thoughts on “Washington Woman Allegedly Killed as “Warlock” in Wiccan Murder”

  1. I’m surpriesd that Satan wasn’t menitioned in this story when will people learn… We wWiccan are a peace loving people and death and voilance goes against everything we stand for
    Blessed Be

  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zHtGPK6Q6bI

    Wiccans are a ghastly horrible lot, all trusty an everything…

    Bide the Wiccan Law ye must,
    In perfect love, in perfect trust.

    Eight words the Wiccan Rede fulfill:
    An ye harm none, do as ye will.

    And ever mind the Rule of Three:
    What ye send out, comes back to thee.

    Follow this with mind and heart,
    And merry ye meet, and merry ye part.

  3. I knew both Sherry Harlan and Eric Christensen from Wiccan gatherings, and Sherry’s memory deserves a lot better than to have half-witticisms thrown around online concerning her murder. She was a warm, sweet lady without any falsehoods about her—always with a smile for friends, and amazingly patient when teased(often)about her goofy, snorting laugh. Eric, on the other hand, came across as an amiable bohemian with a touch of stumblebum about him. He was good at NOT dropping information about himself, which is how he concealed an extensive criminal history. People from my church were among the first to realize that something dreadful had happened to Sherry, and informed the police of Eric’s wherabouts. Our clergy also provided prosecutors (and Sherry’s family) with accurate information about Wiccan practices, blowing big holes in that ‘Wiccan blood oath’ claptrap which the media went for initially….

  4. Warlock means oath breaker.

    I will give credibility to the news when they start mentioning all religious affiliations of those involved. Such as two methodists were accused of assault today. One lutheran was involved in a dui. Why does the fact that the person was wiccan mean anything other than a chance to titillate the populace and sell papers.

  5. As a Wiccan and Wiccan Clergy, none of the information presented in your article is supported by any tenets of my religion. As a matter of fact, it breaks most of the laws of Wicca. It appears that a Hollywood spin was put on this story by someone with no idea of what the Wiccan religion is all about. I am sure that no legitimate Wiccan clergy, churches or scholars were consulted to verify any of the information. Once again this is a good example of the mainstream majority religions bashing my religion through use of hate speech and false information to give us Wiccans a bad rap. If this was an article about a Muslim, CAIR or one of the other mouthpieces would likely be pulling the paper into civil court for slander. We Wiccans fortunately are not inclined to prosecute the ignorant, intolerant and uneducated. We prefer to let you know that we whould appreciate it if you instead, wrote a piece on why this murder did not have anything to do with my religion.

  6. The Wiccan creed keeps anyone who is truly part of the path from doing this. This is just a way of once again chastising the “witch”. A christian man killing his wife doesn’t equate to a regilious murder, why does this equate to the evil wiccan? Yes this man should be punished (of course) but as a murderer, not a warlock sacrificer. )O(

  7. Buddha,

    It is my understanding that warlock did not get invented until Samatha tweeted her nose.

    I do not believe that there was any such word that referred to witchcraft or the wiccan beliefs….

  8. I was always under the linguistic impression that “warlock” was a male witch.

    Not that Mr. Backwards Glasses seems to be concerned with details.

  9. @rafflaw

    the love of money is the root of all evil; money itself is without morality. but yeah – my god is bigger than your god is a problem.

  10. The root of all evil is not money, but religion. How many people have been killed due to the killer’s so-called religious beliefs??

  11. Do you suppose this person will catch any tail wind or will his exhaust flow become clogged?

  12. Umm, this clown is as much as a wiccan as scott roder is a christian and osoma bin ladin is a muslim. In other words, ONLY IN HIS OWN MIND!

    Most wiccans I know believe in the law of three. Hopefully it means this jerk will get three life sentences with three different friendly and helpful cellmates….

  13. “Man kills cheating wife” is news? Oh, throw in a strange minority religion and it is. I’ve never seen a story about how a Christian killed his wife for breaking her marriage vow. Probably happened 875,987 times since the founding of this country.

  14. :
    ” particularly like how he continues to wear his shades in reverse for the mugshot picture. Someone might have told him that he was likely to be staying for a while” :-))

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