Study: All You Need To Run Is A Pair Of Feet

While the old adage said “all you need to run is a pair of shoes,” researchers have found (and reported in Nature magazine) that all you need is a pair of feet. In their study, the researchers found that, before the invention of shoes, humans ran differently . . . and better.

It turns out that humans avoided heel strikes when running barefoot — and thereby avoided many of the injuries that plague modern runners. They would instead land on the ball of the foot or the middle of the foot. The researchers, including Daniel E. Lieberman, professor of human evolutionary biology at Harvard University, found that this technique uses Newtonian physics to avoid damaging impacts.

I have decided to offer a line of Newtonian running socks at just $200 a pair to be worn without shoes. You will run like a Cro-Magnon and look like Zola Budd.

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8 thoughts on “Study: All You Need To Run Is A Pair Of Feet”

  1. I’ve been waiting to post this since this story was posted.

    Why did God give women legs?

    So their feet won’t stink

    What is the other reason he gave them legs.

    So they wouldn’t leave snail trails while walking on the sidewalks.

  2. I’m glad this is finally getting some press. This is not news to those of us who have been running in special barefoot shoes for some time now. I highly recommend it to everyone — you’ll never go back to running shoes! (Though you will get some very weird looks.)

  3. rcampbell correction:

    In winter they RAN to Florida.

    With or without shoes I always preferred landing on ball ball of foot and dropping to heal when running long distance. Never understood heal to toe strikes – they are jarring.

  4. There are ‘naked’ running shoes, one even has toes. They give you protection from hazards like (small) pieces of broken class, bits of metal, etc. I debated trying one but they don’t come in my size.

    That indirectly brings up a flaw in these claims. Our ancestors didn’t have to deal with concrete or asphalt. Running on a soft surface is best but not always available.

  5. It’s cold here too. 14 consecutive days of temps below freezing. In the history of record keeping that has never happened before. It was so cold in South Florida there was a record fish kill. An entire coral reef has now been declared dead. Further South, Cuba records all time record cold temperatures. It snowed in Daytona Beach only the second time thats ever happened.

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