Hoosick? Matthew Beck is One Sick Dog Catcher

Matthew Beck, 46, may be a dog’s nightmare. He was the dog catcher for the town of Hoosick, New York. He has pleaded guilty to shooting stray dogs that he found and burying them in his barnyard manure pile.

Beck pleaded guilty to misdemeanor counts of official misconduct, petit larceny and animal cruelty as well as environmental violations. He received only home confinement (and two weekends in jail with a three year probation) which dog owners view as far too lenient. They wanted felony charged for animal cruelty to be brought under the state’s “Buster’s Law.”

One possible alternative is to make him live next to Randy Good for the three years.

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4 thoughts on “Hoosick? Matthew Beck is One Sick Dog Catcher”

  1. I fail to see the disporpotionate affection towards stray dogs, yet many other crimes or atrocities go on, without much care. ( e.g. hunting) First, these were stray dogs, and they can attack unprovoked, specially if hungary. They can also revert to their roots, and form menacing/dangerous packs towards people or wildlife (e.g squirels, rabbits). Millions of children and adults get bitten per year and some get killed because of dog attacks. The guys broke the law, but I just don’t agree with the harsh sentence.

  2. How many pets gone?

    How many family members lost?

    How many broken hearts?

    The sentence, while legal perhaps, is not just. I’m not saying he deserves the death penalty or anything, but this sentence is an insulting slap on the wrist for such bad behavior. There should be some substantial green bologna sandwiches in that sentence at a minimum – not just a couple. Even six months with three off for good behavior would have been more appropriate. 90 days in the hole in addition to restrictions once out seems both fair and just. This sentence? It really is insulting to the people wronged by this “man” to lazy to properly do his job.

  3. I guess this is not a case of Good Will Hunting in the least? If these cases and I mean all of the cases have been resolved can he now be charged additionally with a felony in state court? If so the Standard of Double Jeopardy might have been met.

    I don’t see a Federal crime here, but what do I know.

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