Video: Man Arrested For Lighting Cigarette on Olympic Torch

I just saw this video on Reddit of a guy who sees an Olympic torch and sees not a symbol of international cooperation and competition but a lighter for his cigarette. Next time he should do what other people do and use an AK-47, here.

His arrest is interesting. Why is lighting a cigarette on the torch a crime? I understand it is a foul and insulting act, but a crime? I have been trying to find the specific charge.

It could be worse, some people have declared that the Olympic torch looks like a joint.

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  1. you are all idiots, is everything a joke to you, is everything in life your plaything to be defecated and pissed on….this is why none of you will ever be anything more than the store front clerks and walmart lackeys you know you are. What if i went to your childs school and ripped up the painting they made for you to symbolize how much they loved you….is that a crime…should i be arrested for that. Why dont you all get a life and try to make more than 10 bucks an hour…maybe then you wouldnt be so angry at the world and can stop worrying about who the cops arrest. If you dont act like a wont get treated like a punk…dumbass

  2. Duh,
    a 222 is a pain reliever that used to be sold OTC that contains codine.

    222’s may still be available, but definately behind the counter as are Tylenol 2’s. These types of meds are tracked by pharmacies through a central reporting company. It prevents ppl from being able to buy up codine containing OTC’s at various pharmacies over a short period of time.

  3. Canada does have ” Free Speech “. While I certainly don’t defend the overzealous police in Vancouver, they are probably under a great deal of stress right now ( maybe they needed a smoke ). From what I’ve read so far the cops have a lot to deal with while the games in town. My guess is that the cigarette lighting ” criminal ” was likely one of the may protestors causing a stink in Vancouver right now. I completely agree with the reason for the protests, Vancouver has one of the highest homeless populations in Canada, and citizins of this beautiful city are outraged at the amount of money spent on the games rather than invested in affordable housing.

  4. Couldn’t his action be seen as an expression of free speech? Perhaps expressing his disdain for the Olympics? Does Canada have similar free speech guarantees? You know, like the one the United States use to have before the Constitution became an inconvenience?

  5. Why was he grabbed like that and thrown to the ground, then piled on by half a dozen helmeted armed police?

    He causally lit his smoke and that requires he be “taken down”?

    For lighting a smoke?

    We’re supposed to “respect” these people?

  6. What, how long has that been? No over the counter codeine? Damn, guess I have to get a new addition. How about bitchin. I can do that well anyway.

    So did you read the suicide pilot’s note?

  7. AY,
    Well now you know the real cause. I don;t think we can still buy 222’s here!

  8. Off Topic but related to the guy that flew his plane into an office building in Austin. He wrote the suicide note, burnt his house and crashed his plane into a Seven Story Office Building. I have heard that it was a Federal building, but not sure.

    It has been taken off of the web, I hope the link works.

    Full text of online sucide note

  9. Big fat ones rolled like a Stuffed Grape Leaf. Oh yeah. Oh heck, I thought your peacefulness was from the 222 and a coke?

  10. Well that’s exactly what the torch was modeled after, a great big Canadian joint. That’s how we all smoke the weed on this side of the border don’t ya know. Why ever do you think we are all so peaceful?

  11. Canada has some pretty good hooch Empirecookie if I remember it correctly.

  12. “some people have declared that the Olympic torch looks like a joint”

    Of course it does. It is Canada, after all…

  13. I was more impressed that the Vancouver PD arrested Jesus. 2000 years later and He’s still a rebel with a cause. Admittedly His cause this time was simply to get a light but . . .

    Wha? It wasn’t that Jesus?

    Never mind.

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