Interpol Publishes Pictures of Eleven Dubai Suspects While Britain and France Demand Answers From Israel

Interpol has posted wanted pictures of the eleven suspects in the assassination of Hamas member Mahmoud al-Mabhouh in the Dubai hotel on January 19, 2010. In what could be a serious problem for Israel, both Britain and France are demanding answers on the use of fake passports and stolen identities in the plot while Dubai continues its criminal investigation. This is occurring at the same time that Israel is resisting an international investigation into possible war crimes in its campaign in Gaza, here.

Dubai has stated that it is virtually certain it was an Israeli operation. That is particularly serious since Israel not only committed a crime on foreign soil but committed a series of crimes vis-a-vis France and England. Not only that, but there is now threats from Britain that it is considering suspending intelligence sharing with Israel. France is demanding answers from Israel, here. Both Israel and the United States have remained silent in the growing international firestorm.

The British have expressed “outrage” for good reason. Not only were six British passport used but the agents stole the identities of actual British citizens. It would be a comprehensive violation of the laws of at least five separate nations and the commission of an act that is unlawful under international law.

One passport appears to be a stolen Irish passport and there were also false German papers. The assassination is also considered murder and all nations participating with Interpol are under an obligation to share information. That includes the United States, which is likely to have such information.

For the Interpol story, click here.

5 thoughts on “Interpol Publishes Pictures of Eleven Dubai Suspects While Britain and France Demand Answers From Israel”

  1. That is a really good tip especially to those new to the blogosphere.
    Simple but very accurate info… Thank you for sharing this one.
    A must read post!

  2. false flag?

    Ha’aretz is reporing that Netanyahu authorized the operation

    The article you quote from makes it sound as if the Palestinians were recruited to assist, and my read between the lines is that the Israelis were exploiting friction between different Palestinian factions.

  3. I think the number is up to five Palesinians under arrest. I’m sure I read it this morning. This was a hit of an anti Hamas Palestinian hit squad. The Mossad wouldn’t do it this way and certainly wouldn’t need 11 agents to do it.

    Haaretz earlier Thursday learned the identities of two Palestinians arrested in Jordan in connection with the January 20 killing at a Dubai hotel.

    Ahmad Hasnin, a Palestinian intelligence operative, and Anwar Shekhaiber, an employee of the Palestinian Authority in Ramallah, were arrested in the Jordanian capital Amman.

    Jordan on Tuesday confirmed it had extradited the two to Dubai.

    The two were residents of the Gaza Strip until Hamas seized control there in 2007, a Hamas source told Haaretz.

    Both moved to Dubai, where they were employed by a real estate company belonging to a senior official of Fatah, the political faction headed by Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas.

    A third man, a Hamas security operative, is under arrest in Syria on suspicion of having assisted the hit squad, the British daily The Guardian reported late Wednesday.

    Palestinian sources in the Gulf said Nahro Massoud was in detention and under interrogation in Damascus, the Guardian reported.

    Hamas politburo chief Khaled Meshal has denied the allegation, according to the report, saying “It is not correct at all”.

    But Palestinian sources insisted Massoud was being questioned amid speculation that potentially senior Palestinian defectors may have been involved in the plot.

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