Britain Denies Report That It Knew of Use of False British Passports in Dubai Assassination

Britain has denied the story in the Daily Mail that British officials knew about the use of false British passports (and reportedly stolen identities) for the hit on Mahmoud al-Mabhouh in Dubai (here).

An Israeli agent reportedly stated that MI6 was told in advance that Israel would use the passport for an “overseas operation” — an operation that was to be a hit.

The story would certainly seem to fit with the idea that Israel would not risk violating long-standing intelligence relationships with such a move. However, if it is true, the government has engaged in an intentional and planned effort to lie to both the British people and the Parliament in feigning ignorance. This could mean a scandal as great for the Brown administration as for Israel itself.

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The question is now how Parliament will respond. If this story were true, it is not surprising that the government would deny it. Even without this story, there should be a full investigation into whether Israel violated the laws of as many as five countries, including stealing the identities of English citizens. The absence of a call for an investigation is a bit unnerving. Thus far, the British government has simply asked for explanations from the Israelis — a notably mild response. The use of such passports would leave the impression that Britain was involved in an international assassination. With Interpol now calling for the arrest of the British passport holders, this controversy could easily grow in the coming weeks, particularly if any one of these eleven individuals is arrested.

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12 thoughts on “Britain Denies Report That It Knew of Use of False British Passports in Dubai Assassination”

  1. No Prof that was not all they did:
    “No UK action is likely until the completion of an investigation by the Serious Organised Crime Agency”
    from the article you linked to.
    It looks like they are undertaking an investigation to determine what happened.
    Again they, unlike the US, actually seem to be taking suspected malfeasance by the government of their country some what seriously.

  2. Maybe we should all enroll in the American Universities in Europe and Africa. Nah, we weren’t preselected.

  3. If the United States, Britain, and Israel stop spying on their common enemies then all those unoccupied agents will become immersed in the “gladiator game” syndrome which means they’ll start assassinating each other which will, eventually, solve our problem.

  4. And if the laws can be disregarded when you know someone is guilty, how long before I’ll decide that I know you are guilty. The laws, faithfully executed, protect us all, and I am unwilling to give up that protection just because someone decides that someone else is guilty.

  5. “…should you decide to accept it…the secretary will disavow any knowledge of your activities, Mr Phelps”

  6. Considering that you’re dealing with organizations that reciprocally kill each other I’d not want to be one of the citizens that had their identity appropriated as cover; it kinda’ paints a big ol’ target on innocent bystander’s.

  7. Rule of Law.

    Justice for all or justice for none.

    And the ends do not justify the means.

    Any more weak arguments like “he was a bad guy” and ergo did not deserve Due Process? His day in court? Or is just your opinion enough to merit a death sentence?

    No, no. It is you who are mistaken. Mistaken about the nature of your opinion of bad men versus the proof of bad men. Opinion, no matter how true, is not a substitute for evidentiary based substantive due process.

  8. Why do you care? That dude assasinated people, was proud of it, and in supporting his operations, and hosting his political machinations, the UAE seriously looses some credibility. He had to be terminated before doing worse. This is not some comfortable cafe in America. This is a place where people, yes, have comfort and comfortable cafes, but when someone kills people, 3 in his case, he just has to be stopped. The fact that he gained popularity after the fact drops the credibility of those who voted for him. He is a murderer and stopping him is the moral equivalent of shooting the leader of a lynch mob.

  9. [youtube=]

    While British behavior (and American/Israeli/Russian/et al and etc.) may be entertaining in a movie, in real life it’s simply unacceptable. Even Ian Fleming said James Bond was the LAST person you’d want over for dinner.

    One would not tolerate “friends” who lie and abuse their trust unless one were a fool.

    Why should one tolerate such behavior in and from their leaders?

    Oh. That’s right. We the Plebes better not ask “why” anymore or the jackboots will get us.

    Why is that exactly?

    Brown! Listen up! It’s freebie day. I just spoke to Niccolo and Sun and they agree. What you need is a distraction. Anything that will take the eye off your balls domestically and with the EU.

    Say . . . apprehending some of the Bush Administration and turning them over to the Hague. You can blame it on pressure from the Spanish. It’d be painful in the short term but it’d be better for everyone – including you Gordon – in the end. History loves a principled stand. Sometimes being a good ally means giving out the tough love too.

    Or are your lot in Europe just as much corporatist slaves as Fascist America? Is that chicken noises you’re making? Good Gravy man! Grow a spine! This is hardball and it’s time for you to pass the buck! Hold on while I grab my tray.

    Get your chum! Get your frenzy! Fresh chum! Get it while it’s hot!

  10. It’s terrible that we cannot believe anything the British, US, or Israeli governments say.

  11. Maybe Bybee, Yoo and Margolis can write the memo for them and the Obama Admin can white wash it.

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