Dolphin May Possess Cure For Diabetes

While dolphins continue to be slaughtered in Japan (here and here), those same humans may have their lives saved by a new discovery that dolphins can turn on and off diabetes. Scientists believe that humans may have once had this ability and that dolphins could lead to a breakthrough treatment for humans.

Five percent of deaths annually are tied to diabetes. Dr Stephanie Venn-Watson, a veterinary epidemiologist and director of Clinical Research at the National Marine Mammal Foundation in San Diego, believes that dolphins may actually hold the cure to diabetes.

Dolphin were recently found to be the second smartest creatures on the planet and some have called for dolphin to be given special non-human status, here.

The great irony is that humans are rapidly destroying species in places like the rain forest that may contain their own salvation from everything from cancer to diabetes. The video of Japanese fishermen brutally killing trapped dolphin captures the sheer lunacy of our species.

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8 thoughts on “Dolphin May Possess Cure For Diabetes”

  1. There are some who may enjoy that.
    I am not among them.
    My mind is starting to boggle.
    Just a small one please……..

  2. Maaarrghk!,

    It could always be worse.

    Futurama, ep. “The Deep South”

    [Fry is presented with an egg-sized pill which will allow him to withstand the pressure underwater.]

    Fry: Are you crazy? I can’t swallow that.

    Professor Farnsworth Well, then good news! It’s a suppository.

  3. So just how many dolphins do I have to take to cure my diabetes?

    Is it just a short course or do I need to keep taking them for the rest of my life?

  4. Yes, the people are destroying the rain forest and the World Drug Manufactures such as Mereck are extremely upset about this.

    The Dolphins, yes, the dolphins, and how did we find out about this miracle cure?


    Just something from a speculative writer to consider.

    And as a practical matter, what do you think our chances as a species are of being able to break the communication barrier with an alien life form if we cannot break that barrier with the next most intelligent non-human species to which we currently have access?

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