Virginia Legislator Attributes Birth Defects To God’s Punishment for Women Who Have Had Abortion

Prince William Del. Bob Marshall, R-13th, has offered his own rather dark explanation for birth defects and child disabilities: divine retribution for women who have had abortions. Marshall told a crowd that the Bible says that the first born is a gift to God, resulting in “special punishment” for those who have abortions.

At a press conference, Marshall stated “The number of children who are born subsequent to a first abortion with handicaps has increased dramatically. Why? Because when you abort the first born of any, nature takes its vengeance on the subsequent children, . . . In the Old Testament, the first born of every being, animal and man, was dedicated to the Lord. There’s a special punishment Christians would suggest.”

I am not why people like Marshall would want to spend eternity with a being who imposes birth defects on infants as punishments for their parents. Of course, he did not explain what those other men and women did to warrant their miscarriages and birth defects.

The press conference involved various Christian clergy calling for the elimination of state funding for Planned Parenthood because the organization provides abortions.

Marshall insists that Planned Parenthood should be called ” ‘Planned Barrenhood’ because they have nothing to do with families, they have nothing to do with responsibility.”

The only funding Planned Parenthood receives from the state is from Medicaid reimbursements and amount to about $35,000 in the 2009 fiscal year.

Marshall’s official bio boasts “a personal library of 2000+ books.” It certainly seems to reaffirm Voltaire’s statement that “the multitude of books is making us ignorant.”

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113 thoughts on “Virginia Legislator Attributes Birth Defects To God’s Punishment for Women Who Have Had Abortion”

  1. Byron:

    I am, even now, in the midst of a novena for Brother Bob. Maybe, he ‘ll forgive me too.

  2. Mespo:

    How you can you trust a student from VCU? I think you are too harsh on Brother Bob :). He is doing the Lords work after all. Satan got hold of those VCU students, a mighty hold on their immortal souls. Pray for them Brother Mespo don’t let the devil revile Brother Bob. You know it was satan that put those despicable words in his mouth. Say it Brother Mespo and cast out those demons, Amen.

    Yep devils got a hold of Brother Bob, only thing possible. Wiley old devil, I guess he came back all the way from Georgia just to posses Brother Bob.

  3. I just thought of something that we all ( including myself )completely missed with Marshall’s ridiculous comments.
    Children born with a disability are NOT a punishment at all. If anything they are a gift who teach us parents, who are lucky enough to have them in our lives, to be more compasionate, patient and loving people.
    So with that I say ” Thank-you God, Alah, Buddah, Manitou, Shiva…and all those I’ve missed….for blessing me with the best ” punishment ” possible “!!!!

  4. Listen to Marshall’s own words in the audio.

    From Mespo’s link,


    “Posted by 12steprevenge on February 25, 2010 at 5:00 pm
    Here is the audio of Bob Marshall’s statement at said press conference:

    Listen to that and tell me he didn’t say what he is being accused of saying. If you can still contend he’s being falsely accused after listening to that, you obviously have no baseline for evaluating the truth.”

    End Quote

  5. In the first sentence make that “Bob Marshall,” not McDonald. Must be the red nose and big feet that through me!

  6. News Flash, News Flash:

    Bob McDonald has found the real culprit in his now infamous “sins of the mother” comment blaming those having abortions for then later having disabled kids, and if you guessed the liberal media, you’re right. Not just any media mind you. Marshall took to the floor of the Jefferson’s “Temple of Democracy” to blame student-run CNS for misquoting our political messiah. Seems the good students at Virginia Commonwealth University, who published a description of the speech, are guilty of “misinterpreting” his words. Rascal kids, their parents must have had abortions, too. Fear not though misinterpreting students, haloed Bob forgives you.

    This guy needs to go before he insults every group of Virginians. Is desecration of a sacred place still a crime? Here’s the story:

  7. “A socialist is a compendium of names of people who like to party…in the Great White North.”

    You got it in one, Elaine!

  8. Bdaman–

    That’s too funny. Boy, you can find a video about anything on YouTube! I had no idea there was such a song as the “Rhombus Rumba.”



    “So did I hear Par Tay ?”

    Yes, but not Tea Par Tay.

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