Dubai Woman Who Went to Court to File Harassment Claim Without Male Guardian Is Sentenced to 300 Lashes and 18 Months in Jail

Sawsan Salim went to court to file harassment complaints against her local government in 2007. Her papers were in order but she was missing one detail. She had ventured out without a male family escort. For that crime she has been sentenced to 300 lashes and 18 months in jail.

The court found that her complaints of harassment were “spurious” and that her filing without a male guardian was a crime.

We recently saw another horrific Sharia case out of Dubai, here.

Finally, Saudi Arabia can claim to be a moderate on women’s issues. The Kingdom is moving toward ending the requirement of a male escort for filing legal papers, here. A small gesture to be sure, but apparently in Dubai that makes them virtual Islamic Libertines.

For the full story, click here.

9 thoughts on “Dubai Woman Who Went to Court to File Harassment Claim Without Male Guardian Is Sentenced to 300 Lashes and 18 Months in Jail”

  1. Totally wrong, either a schoolboy error or deliberately misleading. The same goes for the people who commented without understanding what they were reading.

    Read the story you linked to. The first para says quite clearly that the woman was a Saudi in Saudi Arabia. The only link with Dubai is that’s where the story was filed.

  2. Mike S.,

    Glad to have you back and “Potemkin Village” is a most apt description of Dubai.

  3. The linked article is about a Saudi woman in Saudi Arabia.

    I think it was merely reported out of a Dbuai news office.

  4. As Dubai has moved towards trying to become the ME’s vacation mecca and a serious player in the corporate world I’ve watched the progress with a jaundiced eye. Even 60 Minutes ran a puff piece last year praising this petty tyrannic locale as a rising star. With their real estate prices crashing and owners of condos being put into jail for failing to pay their mortgages, the reality of this Potemkin Village attempt legitimacy begins to unravel. Their golf tournaments have lost their luster, they can’t fill the world’s tallest building and tourism has dropped off.

    In this story we see the other side of the phony enlightenment this huckster nation has tried to portray through PR. That anyone would choose to live in a place where women are treated in such a manner is a comment on their own blindness or insensitivity. Christian, Jewish, Hindu or Islamic, it makes no difference. Fundamentalist religion is a dangerous and cruel hoax played out in concert with political authoritarians.

  5. “And we prop up these petty dictators … why?”

    Are you kidding? Have you seen their hotels? ;D

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