Hamas Bans Male Hairdressers From Women’s Hair Salons

Gaza’s Islamic Hamas government has banned men from working in women’s hair salons as part of its move to impose strict Islamic law and traditions on Gaza’s 1.5 million people.

Critics have said that it is only time before Hamas bans male doctors from treating female patients.

Gaza is an example of how the far extremes of these political movements tend to direct events. Once Hamas took power, religious groups accused the government of being soft on Islamic law and demanded more and more strict measures be applied.

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13 thoughts on “Hamas Bans Male Hairdressers From Women’s Hair Salons”

  1. Wow, they would never get away with that in Falkirk! I know that it is important to respect other cultures beliefs but it is difficult from a western perspective to understand a move like this.

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  5. It is terrible such primitive behavour still exists. What about the lesbians, are they allowed to work at womens hair?

  6. “Didn’t the Persians use Eunuch’s? That would solve the problem.”

    With a sales pitch like that I can see volunteers lining up in hordes!

    Or not.

  7. Didn’t the Persians use Eunuch’s? That would solve the problem.

  8. Query: If they don’t allow the women to get educated then how are they going to get qualified female medical care. Oh I see, that is the conundrum. They don’t want them to go to Doctors.

    Sounds like the education system in the US.

  9. These Hamas dudes remind me of Church Lady on SNL … she was always trying to avoid situations where “private parts would get all tingly” …

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