20 thoughts on “Canine Crooner”

  1. Aint but 3 things in this world that’s worth a solitary dime
    ‘Cept Old Dogs, and Children, and Watermelon Wine….

  2. Cervid Sanger

    This is what happens when a male sanger croons-out-of-toon when saranadin’ a buck deer

  3. Thank you Canadian Eh.

    Swarthmore Mom,

    Of course, that is what we seek. I stay not around for socialization. I go, get it done and get out. I would say that the only person that knows my name when I go is me and if there is a god then them.

  4. What Swarthmore Mom says is true. I cannot dispute this in the least. However, I like everyone and that is everyone until I have a reason not to. Is not what we all want is total acceptance or to be just left alone? Makes sense to me.

  5. Anglicans and Episcopalians also split over the ordination of women in the Dallas Ft Worth area.

  6. Anglicans in the Dallas Fort Worth area split with the Episcopalians over gay ordination. They are generally more conservative than Catholics in this area.

  7. Yes and none other than the Anglican church. What concerns me most recently is the “Bindings” to the mothership.

  8. Yes, that I understand. Well off to my one day a week of public showing of an hour of obligation.

  9. I don’t think I madeit through 3 scenes in that movie without tears and by the end both myself and my ” cool ” son were sobbing!

  10. This is cute and to think I watched Marley and me last night. Not bad for a stoner.

  11. Awwww…now this is what I’ve been waiting for on this dark & dreary Sunday morning. There is nothing quite like a litter of puppies being lulled to sleep to help one forget about the stressors that life brings.

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