Monumental Failure? Senegal Trades Land to North Korea For Massive Statute Designed By President — Jesse Jackson Applauds Result

Senegal and North Korea have two things in common. One is abject poverty. The other is that they are now neighbors. North Korea, which is gradually starving an entire nation out of existence, bought a piece of Senegal in exchange for funding the construction of a massive statue designed by President Abdoulaye Wade. While others have condemned the exchange (and the use of over $20 million for such an extravagance), Jesse Jackson appeared at the ceremony to praise President Wade, stating “This renaissance statue is a powerful idea from a powerful mind.”

North Korea still demands the world pay to feed its people while it spends lavishly on its president and its military. It will be interesting when Wade demands millions in aid while spending so much on this statue.

Wade insisted that the 164-foot cooper structure of a man, woman, and child is the tallest statue in the world. The claim was immediately rejected by various sources citing a number of taller statues, including China’s Spring Temple Buddha is stands roughly 420 feet high.

Opposition groups in Senegal denounced the statue as a waste of money during a time of economic crisis in the country and part of an effort to establish a dynasty by Wade.

The statue itself, which is quite striking, has been condemned by Islamic leaders for showing the thigh of the mother, here and here.

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  1. It is a Mandate. Not like picking up a hooker but just a man date. Like the people really have a choice?

  2. Can I possibly be the only person who noticed that the headline says Massive Statute, instead of statue?

  3. I thought the humor would be found amusing. I at least found it so, so that’s what is important. Or is that impotent after too much cough syrup? I hear if you mix it with that energy boosting drink it makes for a fun party. Don’t know but I am sure it can


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  4. The monument builders are typically socialist tyrants building their “legacy” for posterity at the expense of their people. Soviet Russia, Nazi Germany, China, Saddam’s Iraq all examples of this. Monuments to a failed ideology built on the backs of human beings for the glory of the state.

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    High? I’m not high. I must be all that cough syrup I drank this morning. 😀

  7. Egomainiacs starving their own people isn’t really news. More interesting is this process of outsiders buying chunks of Africa for various purposes – particularly Gulf states taking over agricultural areas to create relatively secure food production.

  8. Wow and to think that there is a Buddha that is higher than ours. The world is an amazing place to see from that height.

  9. To the upset Mullahs:

    If women had no thighs, they’d walk funny. How about joining reality for a change. Might do you some good.

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