The Unhappiest Place on Earth: Paris Disney Experiences Rash of Suicides Among Complaints Over Working Conditions

Disneyland Paris is facing a possible strike over work conditions after three employees committed suicide since the first of the year.

Guy-Bruno Mboe, leader of a Disneyland union, has called work conditions “brutal” and complained “It’s all about profit, profit, profit.”
The latest suicide a 37-year-old restaurant manager and father of four who hanged himself on the day he was expected to return to work after the holidays.

I have previously explored the possible Biblical messages in the Magic Kingdom, here.

The image of chain-smoking, suicidal Frenchmen may not be quite the image Disney is going for at the Magic Kingdom.

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8 thoughts on “The Unhappiest Place on Earth: Paris Disney Experiences Rash of Suicides Among Complaints Over Working Conditions”

  1. Tootie,

    People not smart or informed enough to realize shopping at Wal-Mart is part of what is keeping them poor shop at Wal-Mart.

    It does wonders for the Chinese economy though. But “Made In China” wouldn’t hardly be an advertising campaign that a jingoistic proselytizing anti-competitive company like Wal-Mart could sell.

  2. Lived in FLA for a time (a toilet with palm trees). My kids were small & WDW offered a great deal to residents, for the cost of about 3.5 daily tickets we got an annual pass. The kids loved it, but there were days when I contemplated suicide after a day in their park.

    A co-worker had spent his college summers as an employee & they are hell on them. So combining abusive management with unrelenting noise and forced cheeriness – yeah hanging sounds like an acceptable alternative.

    Daddy Bush was running for re-election while I was there & was looking to buy some votes so he dumped a wad of federal money into a housing project in Orlando. It was for low-income people & they were very up-front about most of them being Disney employees. Huge profits and government support!

  3. I guess everyone is fuckin goofy.

    Sorry I could not resist.

  4. Mouse ears.


    Nazi invaders are Nazi invaders, France. And if you’d done your due diligence, you’d have told Walt’s boys to hit the bricks when they pimped out the idea of one of their theme parks there. The Walt Disney corporation gets zero dollars from me. Not since I went to Disney World/Epcot with G&T in high school. I had been suspect before the trip, but after seeing that operation? The deal was sealed for me. They are producers of propaganda aimed at children and if you had put half a thought into the transaction beyond being blinded by dollar signs, you might have realized you were getting into bed with the Devil just as surely as if you shopped at Wal-Mart.

    It’s that whole “dog/fleas” conundrum again.

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