Meet Al Barrette, Alaska’s Bible Preaching Wolf Skinner

Al Barrette is the newest proposed member of the Alaska Board of Game, who is facing opposition after a video shows him skinning wolves while quoting the Bible. Barrette seems to suggest that wolf killing is Biblically ordained after Adam and Eve were thrown out of the Garden of Eden.

Barrette, 44, is waiting to be confirmed to the board and he has been criticized for his pro-hunter voting record. He seems to view hunting in Biblical rather than recreational terms:

…it specifically puts out in the first book of the bible, in Genesis, that we should, uh, subdue nature and control it. We should be the managers of the animals and through the…the sin of Adam and Eve is what brought it on, and, uh, in fact, the first, uh…the first clothes that were made for Adam and Eve were skins of animals…by God.”

Some critics have raised conflicts of interest in his voting given his business interests, here.

Barrette owns a tannery business in Fairbanks.

5 thoughts on “Meet Al Barrette, Alaska’s Bible Preaching Wolf Skinner”

  1. Thanks for putting this up J.T. The legislature denied his nomination in a full floor vote last Friday. There are plenty more like him in place from the Palin days.

  2. So the little suburban girl didn’t know that there are bones in a wolf’s tail. THAT proves that Al Barrette is such a great guy. get real.

  3. Apparently Al knows a good deal more than the woman interviewing him. “are there actually bones in the tail?”.

    Yes Virginia there are bones in a wolf’s tail.

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