CBN Features Israeli Video Mocking Humanitarian Crisis in Gaza and Flotilla Allegations

This video was released by Israeli activists making fun of the flotilla and claims of suffering in Gaza. The Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) has been featuring the video.

The video mocks claims that “a billion dollars” cannot buy enough to feed people in Gaza and supply their children with “missiles and cheese.” The United Nations and various Western countries have decried the blockage on Gaza and documented a health crisis among its inhabitants. Israel routinely bars supplies to Gaza including health-care equipment and other items. The blockage was created in response to Hamas winning elections in Gaza.

The video mirrors another video released by the Israeli government that also mocked suggestions of any crisis.

Putting aside the controversy about what occurred on the ship and who escalated the confrontation, the continued denial of any humanitarian problem in Gaza is astonishing. It certainly does not help the cause of Israel.

75 thoughts on “CBN Features Israeli Video Mocking Humanitarian Crisis in Gaza and Flotilla Allegations”

  1. The humanitarian crisis in Gaza is mostly hype and hoax for all the “Useful Idiots” all over the world. Watch this and listen up! And let “all the poisons that lurk in the mud hatch out!”

  2. Toots:

    LOL – “bullying” – That’s a good one, especially since it’s coming from a so-called christian who debases anyone and everyone, on a daily basis I might add, who doesn’t agree with your nonsensical, fanstastical and superstitious fantasies about a guy living in the clouds.

    Cry me a river, oh-bigotted-one. Just let me know when so I can paddle my way through the muck of your tears.

    Bullying … ha!

  3. Or perhaps you could grow a brain, Tootles.

    Since you have an incessant need to be a theocratic and religiously intolerant bigot who would see their ‘belief’ be treated as law, there is a website for you too.

    There is a separation of church and state for reason, zealot. But why don’t you tell us again how homosexuals and people of other faiths should be subject to your retrograde form of fundamentalist “Christian” dogma.

    It’ll be worth a good laugh.

  4. vlf2112

    Here is a website you might like. At it you might discover that you are the bully the government doesn’t like.

    Maybe they have a link to a 12 step system for people addicted to bullying people on the internet?

    Perhaps you and Buddha could sign up for it and maybe overcome your incessant need to debase others on the internet?

  5. “… I’m sure your similarly ignorant friends around here will forgive you, so don’t be too hard on yourself. …”(Tootie)


    Is Tootie voicing a Christian contempt for forgiveness through the use of sarcasm or is it a caustic witticism mocking forgiveness?

  6. Jericho:

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    Ghandi did resist violence; up and until the moment he died NOT defending himself. THAT was my point. If one wishes to portray themselves as a non-violent activist, one has to surrender unto death, like Ghandi and MLK. Otherwise, one ought not to pretend to be on a non-violent peace mission.

  7. Mike Appleton

    You call for Israel’s recognition of an independent Palestinian state as if it had not already done so when Bill Clinton almost negotiated a deal which Arafat rejected. This agreement included all of Gaza going to the Palestinians. If Arafat had not stood in the way, the Palestinian people would have been been a state for the past 10 years.

    Clinton believed that this collapse of the accord was Arafat’s fault.

    Well of course it was.

  8. Tootie
    1, June 7, 2010 at 12:13 pm

    “But, I suppose it is fashionable these days for leftists to coddle adherents of a religion which condones grown men having sex with children . . . ”

  9. As ever Blouise, one lives to be of service. I’m also quite interested in what mespo’s response will be.

  10. jill, (I am so happy to once again be able to address you)

    Zeus shooting lightening bolts in the sky; sailors sticking close to shore for fear of falling off the edge of the world; religious belief in original sin; all ideas from ancient minds looking for easy explanations.


    I am eagerly awaiting mespo’s response to “We will succumb to our base instincts by virtue of our increasing capacity to develop technology to aid our condition?”

    It’s a fascinating idea you’ve put forward.

  11. Blouise,

    Now you see why I’m the frequent target of Fundies in here. 😉 I have no issues with your statement and have long felt that the concept of original sin was nothing more than a tool used play off of self-hatred/loathing and guilt. This also is one of the reasons I find Eastern philosophies more attractive than Christianity is there is no comparable concept to original sin found in the East. Aside from mental illnesses, most behavior is choice driven. Being good or being evil? It’s a choice, not a natural condition.

  12. Hello Blouise! It is nice to read your words again also. I like what you and Buddha discussed. I do think religion gives people self hatred and an excuse to be violent. As this is learned behavior it can be unlearned.


    I hope you see this, I wanted to ask how your kitties were doing. I hope they are O.K. now.

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