Israel Apologizes for Spoof Video

We recently saw the video released in Israel mocking the humanitarian crisis in Gaza and the flotilla controversy — featured on Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN). Now the Israeli government has apologized for the video — which was distributed by its press office.

The YouTube clip, entitled “We Con the World,” mocks the notion of a humanitarian crisis in Gaza despite the findings of the United Nations and various European countries. It scoffs at the notion that “a billion dollars” cannot buy enough to feed people in Gaza and supply their children with “missiles and cheese.”

The Israeli government stated: “The contents of the video in no way represent the official policy of either the Government Press Office or of the State of Israel.” However, at the same time, the Israeli spokesman added that he liked the video and recommended it for his children: “I called my kids in to watch it because I thought it was funny. It is what Israelis feel. But the government has nothing to do with it.”

The video mirrors another video released by the Israeli government that also mocked suggestions of any crisis.

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20 thoughts on “Israel Apologizes for Spoof Video”

  1. We know what we actually saw (I don’t know if it’s reported clearly in the US). Last year we sat in our own living room and watched as Israel rained BURNING PHOSPHOROUS on poor unarmed men, women and children. Phosphorous is an ILLEGAL weapon, and especially so when used in civilian areas. Phosphorous burns right down to the bone and keeps on reigniting over and over again. Israel broke cease-fires early. A big UN shelter was attacked, and it was clearly labeled as such from the rooftop so the planes couldn’t possibly make a mistake. Civilians were shot as they scrambled outside to use the bathroom in another building. Those who sommit such torture and genocide deserve to burn in hell, and I say this as a Christian who believes in God’s justice as well as His mercy. Jesus was right to call certain people hypocrites for neglecting the love of God. The Israelis wouldn’t let in aid convoys because of their “sabbath day”. Their law even allows livestock to be fed on the sabbath. If YOUR children were dying of malnutrition because YOU were under seige and not nearly enough food, clean water or medicine were allowed in, you might be tempted to fight back to resist the oppressors. It would even be hard for a born-again Christian believer to forgive such atrocities. Any cornered rat will fight back and not go down quietly. It’s easy for Westerners to sit in the comfort of their own living rooms and watch other people suffer and starve as they enjoy their own dinner in peace and safety.

  2. Wild eagle:

    “God takes a dim view of those who mock their neighbor’s suffering.”


    Not really:

    “As surely as I live, says the Sovereign LORD, I will cut you off completely. I will show you no pity at all because you have defiled my Temple with idols and vile practices. A third of your people will die in the city from famine and disease. A third of them will be slaughtered by the enemy outside the city walls. And I will scatter a third to the winds and chase them with my sword. Then at last my anger will be spent, and I will be satisfied. And when my fury against them has subsided, all Israel will know that I, the LORD, have spoken to them in my jealous anger. “So I will turn you into a ruin, a mockery in the eyes of the surrounding nations and to everyone who travels by. You will become an object of mockery and taunting and horror. You will be a warning to all the nations around you. They will see what happens when the LORD turns against a nation in furious rebuke. I, the LORD, have spoken!”

    ~Ezekiel 5:11-15

  3. Is that really happening to the people of Gaza? How do you know? Who are your sources for this information? Have you actually been to Gaza? Also, have you looked into what is going on in Sderot? If the missile attacks from Gaza stop, then the blockaid will probably ease more quickly.

    Speaking of walking in another person’s shoes: If you live in the US, what do you think should happen if Mexico starts sending missiles at US cities on a weekly basis?

  4. It’s easy to whitewash the rationale for the infliction of suffering on another human being. The cause of most of the evil in this rotten old world is nobody ever stops to remember: WALK A MILE IN MY SHOES. What if it were YOU who were being starved by a blockade (seige a la Old Testament style)? What if it were YOU searching for grubby weeds to boil for your dinner, and afraid to go outside to the toilet because some sadistic video game player is up in the sky zapping as many “aliens” as he can see down on the ground? If any other country committed these CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY, they’d be under investigation by the Court of Human Rights, and the fox wouldn’t be allowed to investigate its own robbery at the hen house. God doesn’t play favorites!

  5. This video is misunderstood. The Israelis are ONLY making fun of terrorists posing as peace activists. They are not making fun of true peace activists. They are not making fun of all the people on the Mavi Marmara — only the ones who participated in attacking the soldiers. Yes, there were peaceful people aboard the flotilla. The IDF acknowledges this, and it is not disputed. The makers of the video are not making fun of them, or of any humanitarian situation in Gaza.

    The world needs to understand that Israel transports tons of humanitarian aid into Gaza every day. The flotilla envoy was not an issue of weather or not aid gets to Gaza. It was an issue of breaking a blockaid, which is there to prevent missiles and weapons from going into Gaza, and being used against Israel.

    Missiles from Gaza have been launched at Sderot, a small Israeli town near the border of Gaza, every week for years. Why isn’t there International outcry over that?

    The blockaid is perfectly legal according to International law, despite what many news reports and anti-Israeli groups are saying. Hamas and some other anti-Israeli groups want it broken, because they want to wipe Israel off of the map. They don’t believe Israel has a right to exist. I’ve heard them say it personally.

    Did you know that Hamas is arresting and killing their own people in Gaza on a regular basis. Why no uproar about that?

  6. Speaking of videos:

    “Welcome to the second chapter of the story of Rabbi David Nesenoff. America first got to know this man as the guy who recorded Helen Thomas on his flip-cam saying what many believed to be offensive comments regarding Jews. But just just as a pendulum swings both ways, the nature of viral video swings back to reveal Mr. Nesenoff in what many will surely see as an offensive and stereotypical portrayal of Mexican-Americans in a hackneyed weatherman shtick.”

  7. Sure, this will win “hearts and minds.”

    Heckuvajob, Brownie, uh, Israel.

  8. God takes a dim view of those who mock their neighbor’s suffering. I wouldn’t be surprised if in a few years God allows those who caused other people’s misery to go through it themselves. today Israel is a rich, proud country which oppresses (and creates) widows and orphans, contrary to their own Scriptures. But God could humble that cruel little country without the help of any of her enemies. God could cut off the staff of bread to modern Israel, just like He did in OT times. Don’t they read their own scriptures about how God deals with those who are cruel to strangers in the Land? Jesus said whatever you sow, you reap, and in cases of right and wrong, there is NO partiality with God! There is NO excuse for Christians supporting policies which are diametrically opposed to their own Savior’s Law of Love. If you cheer about someone else’s cruelty, you’ll share in their guilt and punishment on the Day of Judgment.

  9. No need to apologize. This is how Israelis feel and how many Jews like myself feel, basically because this is the mindset of the Gaza people. The do try to con the world, but they can’t con GOD.

  10. which was distributed by its press office.

    I’m sympathetic to the Israelis, but this is just stupid.

  11. Mike A.,

    You are in rare purified form today. I am waiting for you to comment on the DFW Gen. Lee clip.

  12. That was not an apology. The message is really, “We approve of what was said, but we didn’t say it.” Dale Carnegie himself couldn’t help this bunch.

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