Gunning for Votes: Arizona Republican Shown as a Weapon of Mass Destruction in Video

Arizona Republican candidate and state lawmaker Pamela Gorman appears to be running for a position on a SWAT Team in this video where her skills with machines guns and pistols are highlighted.

She is heralded in the video as a “conservative Christian and a pretty fair shot.” Presumably, her opponent will now have to outdo her with an ad showing him blowing up bridges or piloting a B-52 bombing run. It used to be that politicians promised things like “a chicken in every pot.”

She is not alone. Check out Dr. Christina Jeffrey, candidate for US Congress (SC-4):

35 thoughts on “Gunning for Votes: Arizona Republican Shown as a Weapon of Mass Destruction in Video”

  1. since she can’t whup it out and compare penises with her opponent she does the next best thing

  2. There’s a lesson here.

    Democrats need to decide if they are just going to continue to give votes away on the issue of firearms, or if they are actually going to embrace the concept of protecting constitutional liberties – even the ones they don’t like.

  3. Gunning for votes too, Christina Jeffrey held a, “Machine Gun Social?” Jeeez, I’m bummed! Missing out on a chance to win a semi-auto, AK-47 at the raffle, on June 5th.

    Wonder what Mrs. Jeffrey’s NRA rating is? She is a conservative Christian, probably a fair shot as well?

    Do Conservative Christian candidates for congress with high NRA ratings square up at the range against their political opponents? Letting their lead do the talking instead of shooting their mouths off.

  4. Arizona’s illegal immigrant population has increased by 70% over the past ten years. But while the rate of violent crime in AZ was 577.9 per 100,000, according to DHS, by 2008, it had dropped to 477 per 100,000. Ever since nativistic self-sympathy has been really pushed in politics and media, it’s triggered a massive gun purchasing spree across the country. But only in Arizona has nativism been deemed enough to overrule federal law.

  5. Hot Dang! Now, that’s my kinda real woman and rated 100% by the NRA, to boot! YeeeeeeHaw

    Uh, the only problem is that conservative christian part–but not to worry, nonsense can be unlearnt…

  6. “It tells me she is a no BS politician. How refreshing.”

    WTF! Shooting guns for a political ad IS BS!! The whole thing is BS. Seriously, shooting guns is not bulls**t? Why not just have her washing cars in a bikini? Now that would be refreshing, but still BS. Ugh.

  7. David, I just returned from an AZ vacation, and you are correct, besides the heat, the only other dangerous thing I encountered (besides crazified white guys wearing hand cannons on their hips) were the legions of M-16 carrying Mexican Gang members flowing through the streets North of Scottsdale, hundreds of miles from the Mexican border. Thank God every other white guy was packing or I would not have felt so safe?!? Good point, though. It does perplex me how a video of her shooting a variety of weapons proves to you that she is a “No Nonsense” politician, especially when the whole video makes no sense what so ever.

  8. Elaine, back to the days when we were all white, all Christian and possessed of the wisdom of the Founders. Of course, I have been unable to track down that particular epoch in any standard histories. Guess I’ll have to wait until Texas implements its new curriculum.

  9. If I lived in Arizona, I’d polish my shooting skills also. Those aren’t toys the Mexican gangs are toting.
    It tells me she is a no BS politician. How refreshing.

  10. Curiously there is also another video ready to roll of Mrs. Gorman’s prepared speech in the case of the federal Gov. ever taking away her guns:

  11. Apparently being a fair shot makes you a good leader, which explains Gandhi’s popularity. This ad makes as much sense as if Bill Clinton had trotted out his Sax playing as qualifying him to be President.

    I know beauty pageants have talent portions, but we’re not yet being that open about just what our elections really are.

  12. I have no idea if this person is even slightly qualified to serve in Congress, but she does seem highly qualified to answer the question, “Who would Jesus shoot?” I am genuinely interested to hear her answer to that question.

    (Also, it’s interesting that the commercial shows her firing away, but it never shows if she’s hitting anything. It looks like she’s just “popping some caps off” in a field, rather than practicing at a range. The shot that got me wondering specifically is the one of her blasting away with a handgun. A shooting instructor would be much better at judging this, but it looks like each shot is pretty far off from the preceding one…)

    (While I’m tacking on additional random thoughts: It also just dawned on me that this would be an effective campaign ad if she were contesting an election in a super-max prison full off mafiosi, gang members and drug kingpins. Does that say anything about her district?)

  13. I have just one word for Pamela Gorman: whaddaneedeeut.

    I wonder if Caribou Barbie is her idol.

    Pam and Sarah sittin’ in a tree
    Shootin’ all the wildlife that they see.
    First came a wolf
    Then came a moose
    Then came a bear who’ll never reproduce.

  14. “Presumably, her opponent will now have to outdo her with an ad showing him blowing up bridges or piloting a B-52 bombing run.”

    As she bills herself a “conservative Christian and a pretty fair shot”, I also expect either walking on water or turning Theodore Roosevelt Lake into wine.

    No more half measures.

    Go whole hog. Rise from the dead.


    At least answer the question, “What gun would Jesus use?”

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