Legal Warming: Police Re-Open Investigation of Sexual Assault By Al Gore

In a surprise move, the Portland Police Bureau has announced that it is re-opening the investigation into the allegations against former Vice President Al Gore. Gore is accused of a sexual assault by a masseuse who described him as a “crazy sex poodle.” Notably, Molly Hagerty, 54, claims that there is DNA evidence and supporting security videotapes.

The alleged assault occurred in 2006 in a Portland hotel, but the masseuse declined at the time to press charges. She alleged that Gore grabbed her hand and insisted on what is commonly known as a “happy ending” to the massage. She says that he forced her to drink Grand Marnier, pinned her to a bed, and forcibly French kissed her.

Smoking Gun reported that she also claims to have forensic evidence, possibly Gore’s bodily fluids on her pants — a striking analogy to Bill Clinton’s encounter with a certain blue dress.

She told police that, before the alleged attack, Gore gave her a “come hither” look. Next to an encounter with an enraged naked Rahm Emanuel in a shower, the idea of a naked Al Gore giving a “come hither” look is one of the world’s most disturbing images.

Source: ABC.

23 thoughts on “Legal Warming: Police Re-Open Investigation of Sexual Assault By Al Gore”

  1. ID,

    Its called a legal shake down. I have never figured out why some people want to shoot a horse that is already down. They figured that it will be easier to get money out of them to avoid criminal prosecution.

    Unfortunately Michael Jackson was a freak and paid out millions to keep people hushed. How many times were charges brought, complaints filed that never went to court, because all of a sudden memory’s faded. I would like to know why Neglect Abuse/Child Endangerment charges were never filed against the parents. (another story)

    Here, Gore is getting Divorced, it news and he has some money. Money, I say is the cause of the recalled memory…

  2. This story gets more unbelievable by the minute. How come this woman didn’t hand over the panty DNA evidence when she first made the charge of sexual assault in 2006? Forcing her to drink? Why didn’t she just run out of the room? Too many unanswered questions here.

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