Do The Prime, Do The Time: India Legislators Move To Criminalize Beef Possession

Picture this scene out of Midnight Express, police surrounding a nervous man late at night on an airport tarmac. Pulling away his shirt, they find taped to his body . . . steaks. A beef mule. That could be the scene in Karnataka, India where the government is about to make the possession of beef a criminal offense. Presumably, possession of beef with intent to distribute will receive a higher sentence.

The Karnataka Prevention of Slaughter and Preservation of Cattle Bill 2010, if enacted, will not only ban the slaughter of cattle, including “a cow, calf, bull, bullock, buffalo” but also criminalize beef possession. Defense counsel will be warning clients that they will go from the Porterhouse to the Big House if they fail to comply.

The debate was reportedly quite lively with Chief Minister BS Yeddyurappa discussing the proven medicinal benefits of cow urine. Another predicted that, unless cows were given the added protection, the province could face a milk deficit and called on his colleagues to pass the bill for the children. (It appears that children in other countries like the United States are milk deprived).

While I understand the Hindu objections to eating beef, they may be playing with fire:

Source: Tehelka

24 thoughts on “Do The Prime, Do The Time: India Legislators Move To Criminalize Beef Possession”

  1. I find that law surprising. This is clearly a Hindu religious thing in a very thin disguise. Aside from its exotic weirdness, India has a lot of laws about the different religions and trying to protect them from each other. I’m sure it won’t get passed, or if it does it will be struck down. Muslims will take it to court, and a lot of Hindus too. Also Mcdonalds.

  2. Well as I have stated before I am Vegetarian by Proxy. I think the hamburger I ate was beef and we all know that they are the strictest vegan around….

  3. I for one am happy to see our Hindu friends join all the other religiously insane denominations of the world in trying to enforce a particular strain of voodoo on entire populations.

    No longer is it just the Jews, Muslims & Christians that have crackpot wings demanding public adherence.

  4. Elaine M.,

    With all due respect, I have a friend that I call Dubya, I would never do a subliminal character assassination…No, “W” was stated, I’ll split the Bush with you and call him “w.”

  5. Good Point Elaine and you keep Theo and we’ll just keep William Sydney Porter, aka O’Henry. Although he lived a charmed life until his (set up) conviction for bank fraud people thought the world of him.

    Speaking of frauds, do you want a “W” that you all can claim as your own?

  6. AY & Buddha,

    Since yer talkin’ Dr. Seuss (nee Theodor Geisel), it should be SAM I AM–the character from “Green Eggs and Ham.” Said Seuss was born in my state–Massachusetts.

  7. AY,

    I’ve read that Dr. Seuss’ first drafts were liberally filled with expletives. Having never read a Seuss draft, I do not know if this is apocryphal or not.

  8. Buddha,

    That was funny. It should not be I AM, but I AM WHO.

    Did ya hear about the Dr. Seuss book titles that never made it past Editors desk.


    Horton Hires a Ho and One Fish, Blow Fish…..

  9. Who is this Buddha that they have carved Graven Images of? It looks like he has eaten tainted Gravy.

  10. The One that is I AM,

    “Thou Shalt Not Have ANY Graven Images Before ME.”


    “Thou Shalt Not Have ANY Gravy Images Before ME unless it’s in a boat.”

  11. Must have been filmed and dubbed after a Saturday night down utter…..

  12. I suppose a chik filet commercial should be utilized here, I won’t make a prediction on who wins the game or if the ASPCA had any input on the animals involved or if any were hurt in the production of this video:


  13. I AM the Beef. Who has a BEEF with this?

    Thou Shalt Not Have ANY Graven Images Before ME.

    I AM has spoken.

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