Lab Monkeys Escape Japanese Facility By Using Branches to Catapult Over Electric Fence

A group of 15 monkeys at Kyoto University’s primate research institute escaped from a high-security research center by learning how to use tree limbs to catapult themselves over a 17ft high electric fence. One of them was named Dr. Zaius. Ok, I made that last part up but it is clear that our monkey overlords are gathering.

A Japanese scientist stated “we were extremely surprised by the intelligence and the power they used in order to escape.” Sure, that how it all began . . .

For now, the monkeys have been recaptured and their catapult branches trimmed. However, they have tasted freedom . . . and power.

Source: Telegraph

14 thoughts on “Lab Monkeys Escape Japanese Facility By Using Branches to Catapult Over Electric Fence”

  1. I want to congratulate the monkeys and urge them to keep up the fight for their freedom! Pretty creative creatures!

  2. Thats ok Blouise,

    We all screw up at sometime or another. This is just your turn today….

  3. Probably not a good place to post this but, breaking news:

    Michigan assistant AG ordered to pay $10,000 fine
    Associated Press

    Ann Arbor — A Michigan assistant attorney general has been fined $10,000 for his lack of decorum during a trial in federal court in Ann Arbor.

    A judge says James Farrell was argumentative and “physically injecting himself” into conflicts during a civil trial involving a fatal shooting by a state trooper

    From The Detroit News:$10-000-fine#ixzz0t0lUFejd

    And his boss is running for Governor (GOP), I bet some heads will roll and ass be kicked….$10-000-fine

  4. James,

    I’m with you there. Animal testing should be curtailed to circumstances where there is no other medical alternative.

    And animal testing for cosmetics?

    I’m thinking those human buffoons responsible for that vanity and greed induced cruelty should be used for the testing themselves.

  5. I’m not a crazy animal rights guy, but I don’t understand why we are still using primates in lab tests.

  6. I cannot help but think that their capture is somehow related to the story about the Doomsday failure.

  7. Steele’s chairmanship is over in January so it’s unlikely they will oust him. The RNC will probably just wait him out and elect one of these monkeys rather than Sarah Palin. After all the monkeys have demonstrated an intelligence Sister Sarah has yet to portray.

  8. And what will they think of next. Wow…..

    And on an unrelated topic Germane to others not to me because I don’t care. But, Palin is slated to take over Steele as head of the GOP. I suppose you might want to call her Superlady or Wonder Woman but she is after all 79…

    Sarah Palin For GOP National Chair?

    Michael Steele, the Republican National Committee chairman, is in trouble.

    Yes, those words have been said before. In fact, they have been said many times before. But this time the chorus of those saying it’s time for him to go is bigger and more vocal than ever.

    Probably could have been posted on another thread.

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