Hooked on Hookahs: Hamas Bans Women From Smoking Water Pipes

In Gaza, police are cracking down on the latest public scourge: women smoking water pipes (or shisha or hookahs). Citizens were handed an announcement that the Hamas government was now banning women from smoking water pipes because it leads to divorces.

Hamas officials insist that women smoking water pipes violates tradition and leads to men divorcing women seen smoking in public. The move is part of the increased enforcement of religious norms under the Hamas government.

Source: AFP.

35 thoughts on “Hooked on Hookahs: Hamas Bans Women From Smoking Water Pipes

  1. I was under the impression this activity is done at mostly male-only cafes. Maybe that has more to do with divorce issues than the hookahs proper.

  2. Obama is gaining fast on restriction of women’s rights. From planned parenthood: “The final health care reform bill included extensive restrictions on using federal funds to pay for abortion coverage, but the decision announced by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services yesterday goes beyond even these restrictions.

    The Obama administration has decided that no woman in the new high-risk insurance pools will be allowed to obtain abortion coverage beyond limited cases (rape, incest, endangering the life of the woman). Not even if she pays for that coverage with her own money.

    We need to make sure the Obama administration knows this is unacceptable. Click here to do your part and tell the Obama administration to reverse this decision.

    The high-risk insurance pools are for some of the most medically vulnerable women in the country – those with pre-existing conditions such as breast and ovarian cancer, AIDS, diabetes, and other conditions that may make pregnancy extraordinarily dangerous. These women will be locked out from abortion coverage, even if they pay for it out of their own pockets.

    Tell the Obama administration to reverse this decision immediately.”

  3. if I’d have seen that vid 15 years ago when I quit smoking cigarettes I may never have started smoking cigars😉

  4. now that I’m thinking of strange altered dream states….see the movie ‘Inception’…it’s a most excellent psychological thriller with a mean twist at the end….I loved it!

  5. Thanks for the info, Jill.

    It’s bad enough that the GOBP seek to eliminate a woman’s reproductive rights, the last thing we need is for Obama to pick up the flag and lead the charge.

  6. Jill,

    Thanks … I haven’t read the links yet but you can be certain I will.

    As to Hamas … hey, teabaggers are everywhere … “a stinkweed by any other name …” (Romeo and Juliet)

  7. Here is something else to ponder. Judge a person by how the treat the most poor and vulnerable. This is from an interview with David Obey. He says Obama told him he wanted Congress to cut food stamp benefits to offset his education program: “We were told we have to offset every damn dime of [new teacher spending]. Well, it ain’t easy to find offsets, and with all due respect to the administration their first suggestion for offsets was to cut food stamps. Now they were careful not to make an official budget request, because they didn’t want to take the political heat for it, but that was the first trial balloon they sent down here. … Their line of argument was, well, the cost of food relative to what we thought it would be has come down, so people on food stamps are getting a pretty good deal in comparison to what we thought they were going to get. Well isn’t that nice. Some poor bastard is going to get a break for a change.”


  8. HHS says – elective abortions will not be paid for with taxpayer subsidies to the high risk insurance funds.

    According to the Stupak amendment “Rape, incest, or life of the mother” options, which are those required in most state laws, remain – and supplemental insurance that is paid by private, state or local insurance funds are still available for “elective” abortions as long as no federal funds are involved.

    I don’t know who to worry about more – the “right wing religious zealot” in the White House or the Palin/Tea Party. Decisions, decisions.

  9. I am opposed to abortion but I don’t think it should be illegal but I would not want my tax money going to pay for something I am against. Why should abortions be funded by tax money of people that don’t want to subsidise it?

    Wouldn’t it be the same as taking money from liberals to promote anti-liberal issues on an individual level?

  10. Byron

    Why should wars be funded by tax money of people that don’t want to subsidize them? That’s the nature of the beast.

  11. buckeye,

    Clearly one worries about both right wing people who aren’t in power and the right wing religious zealot currently in power. One always puts the first and most vigorous effort into confronting the right wing zealot who is in power right now. We also need to know when we are being manipulated by the current zealot by the use of distraction, propaganda, paid trolls with talking points–all that kind of thing.

    BTW, Raw Story has an interesting article on the WH preparing its propaganda because the Washington Post is going to actually do some reporting tomorrow and they’ve put together important information on the govt.’s collection of intelligence.


    Your tax dollars aren’t funding abortions even though mine are paying for men’s viagra and the govt.’s many wars and malfeasance of all kinds. Obama made certain that your tax dollars won’t do that and he won’t even allow women in the high risk pool to purchase a policy with their own money. Do you think the govt. should be able to tell you you can’t even purchase your own policy of choice?

  12. Buckeye/Jill:

    True enough. I am not much on war or Viagra either.


    I think the government should stay out of health care all-together. There would not then be an issue of buying the policy you choose. As I think you see, it will be a reduction in individual rights as are most government programs. Legislators always think they know best for us children.

  13. Byron,

    You and I will never agree on the role of government in the world. This story is about the use of an executive order to restrict the rights of “people called women”. Obama is showing utter contempt for the life and well being of our population unless they happen to be in the top of the food chain. That is despicable.

  14. “paid trolls with talking points”

    They seem to be everywhere – even here, God love us.

    Now intelligence collection, there’s some real proof about that – as well as detaining prisoners indefinitely, though that’s slowly changing – but torture? Not yet.

    If there were I’d expect Limbaugh, et. al. to be shouting from the rooftops. ‘Course I don’t listen too often to Rush.

  15. buckeye,

    That’s interesting that your so definitive about no torture under Obama. I gave quite a few places to look and you have in no way had the time to research that information. I guess it’s just like when Bush said we didn’t torture. It’s also interesting that you got my joke about trolls!

  16. Jill:

    Governments seems to tend to always abuse the individual. Even ours which was founded on individual rights has been taken over by people who think they know more than we do and who are willing to take away all of our rights so they can tell us what to do and when to do it. What you recognize is what governments seem to always end up doing to the individual. Government, i.e. politicians, seen to think they know what is best and they want to shove it down our throats for our own good even if we choke on it.

    I believe people need government for one reason only and that is to protect against the use of force by others. Everything else should be left to the individuals to sort out. That is a bit simplified but in my mind the least government is the best government. Then you don’t end up with competing interest/pressure groups struggling for their piece of the plunder.

  17. Jill

    I couldn’t find the WaPo story (lists of agencies and contractors doing Top Secret work) at rawstory but did at Foreign Policy – along with the propaganda/preferred answers. Biggest news is the total numbers/amounts spent in the intelligence field. We all knew that was unconscionably bloated. Now the spies won’t have to work so hard to find them all.

    I looked at all those websites and told you what I found. Nothing. You’ll either have to give me a direct link to proof, or I’ll have to determine your statements are only assertions and not the proof a truth seeker would accept.

    If you don’t have a direct, reputable, link, just say so and I’ll quit bugging you for one. Thanks, Buckeye.

  18. buckeye,

    I stand by my references. I’m just not willing to play a game about torture. The Washington Post story doesn’t run until tomorrow. We’ll (at least I), will have to wait until then. Not sure why you couldn’t find the piece I referenced at Raw Story. Here’s the title: “DC’s spy establishment in panic mode over Washington Post expose”. You can take it from there.

  19. Unfortunately, the Washington Post is nothing more that a rightwing rag these days with absolutely no credibility regarding the truth and unbiased reporting. Everyone should cancel any subscriptions to WaPo, stop referencing and linking to it, and let die and blow away.

  20. Hello Bonnie,

    You know, there is a way for the public to fact check the Washington Post story because it will be drawn from publicly available sources. So, we can read the story and then undertake an investigation into the primary sources to see if the reporting is accurate this time.

  21. I don’t think it’s fair to call Obama a “right-wing zealot.” Well, obviously it isn’t. He isn’t a zealot about anything. One thing Obama has proved is that he will give anything away in a deal, even preemptively.

    I would definitely urge people vote to keep as many Republicans as possible out of congress.

  22. Here’s Glenn Greenwald on the Washington Post article: “”The top-secret world the government created in response to the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, has become so large, so unwieldy and so secretive that no one knows how much money it costs, how many people it employs, how many programs exist within it or exactly how many agencies do the same work.” This all “amounts to an alternative geography of the United States, a Top Secret America hidden from public view and lacking in thorough oversight.” We chirp endlessly about the Congress, the White House, the Supreme Court, the Democrats and Republicans, but this is the Real U.S. Government: functioning in total darkness, beyond elections and parties, so secret, vast and powerful that it evades the control or knowledge of any one person or even any organization.

    Anyone who thinks that’s hyperbole should just read some of what Priest and Arkin chronicle. Consider this: “Every day, collection systems at the National Security Agency intercept and store 1.7 billion e-mails, phone calls and other types of communications.” To call that an out-of-control, privacy-destroying Surveillance State is to understate the case. Equally understated is the observation that we have become a militarized nation living under an omnipotent, self-perpetuating, bankrupting National Security State.”

    Yissil, I said, “right wing religious zealot” and have given evidence for this claim in a different thread, such as Obama has placed people at the top of his war machine who call our wars of empire in the Muslim world, “crusades”. The example sited on abortion policy cannot be called secular, science based, liberal policy.

    I urge people to think hard about who they vote for and consider a third party this fall. If you find a Democrat who on close examination actually acts on behalf of the people’s interests, (and there are a few of those) I would vote for that person, but those are the only Democrats I would vote for.

  23. Syria Bans Full Islamic Veils At Universities
    ALBERT AJI and ELIZABETH A. KENNEDY | 07/19/10 09:36 PM |(Huffington Post)

    DAMASCUS, Syria — Syria has forbidden the country’s students and teachers from wearing the niqab – the full Islamic veil that reveals only a woman’s eyes – taking aim at a garment many see as political.

    The ban shows a rare point of agreement between Syria’s secular, authoritarian government and the democracies of Europe: Both view the niqab as a potentially destabilizing threat.

    “We have given directives to all universities to ban niqab-wearing women from registering,” a government official in Damascus told The Associated Press on Monday.

    The order affects both public and private universities and aims to protect Syria’s secular identity, said the official, who spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak publicly about the issue. Hundreds of primary school teachers who were wearing the niqab at government-run schools were transferred last month to administrative jobs, he added.

    The ban, issued Sunday by the Education Ministry, does not affect the hijab, or headscarf, which is far more common in Syria than the niqab’s billowing black robes.

  24. This is why marijuana should be legal: Most marijuana smokers smoke the bud, not the leaf, of the plant. The bud contains only 33% as much tar as tobacco. This is why cannabis must be legal: marijuana smokers do not smoke anywhere near as much as tobacco smokers, due to the psychoactive effects of cannabis. This is why marijuana should be legal: Not one case of lung cancer has ever been successfully linked to marijuana use.

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