Bend It Like Kim Jong Il: Noth Korean Soccer Team Reportedly Tortured After Loss in World Cup

The International Soccer organization, Fifa, has launched an investigation into allegations that the North Korean World Cup coach and players were tortured by the government after losing all three games at the World Cup competition in South Africa and conceding the most goals of any team.

Except for two foreign-based players, the Koreans were reportedly sent for “harsh ideological criticism” and their coach Kim Jong-hun was publicly humiliated and sentenced to hard labor.

Source: Daily Mail

36 thoughts on “Bend It Like Kim Jong Il: Noth Korean Soccer Team Reportedly Tortured After Loss in World Cup”

  1. Yissel,

    Now why would You say that? The encrypted one or the being when he was being?

  2. Thanks, Richard, I never would have figured it out without your help. My head was getting really sore.

    I think this has been a real “teaching moment” where we’ve all learned something about happens when we find another ethnic group to mock and offend.

    HenMan, you got some splainin to do!


    Has anyone ever told you that you are exactly like Stalin?

  3. Richard Cranium, here I heard you all talking about my cousin Ricardo Cabeza. He has a long distinguished career. He is one sucker that likes to get stroked. His ego is pretty big. But if he can give it out he should be able to take a poking every now and then. I know he took a ribbing from his girlfriend the other day.

  4. Yissil–Mayo on Oscar Mayer baloney (spelling deliberate) with wilted lettuce on Wonder Bread- Mmmmm Good! Yissil, you recently said I share with you a 13 year-old’s sense of humor. Well, mine is not that sophisticated. Did you see a post today on the Scientology story by “Ricardo Cabeza”? I hope that’s not his real name , because I’ve been laughing about it all day.

  5. HenMan and Yissil,

    I think you need to go to DC for sensitivity training with the POTUS and play Lawn Dart, Duck and Maybe Bowling….Don’t forget the Miracle Whip….

  6. HenMan,

    I aam shocked by your use of racial stereotypes. Also you forgot to mention mayonnaise.

  7. If the story is to be believed, the headline is misleading. The “torture” consisted of “harsh ideological criticism,” which is basically being scolded and called unkind names. Not what most people would call actual torture.

  8. It was Trotsky who was the soccer fan. Stalin was an afficianado of lawn darts and “duck duck goose,” although this was kept secret during his lifetime.

    Obama of course plays basketball and golf, but can’t bowl to save his life. If only he could bowl white people would love him and we would have swedish style health care and George Bush would be on trial at the Hague.

    Bowling is the key to executive authority, not watery tarts flinging swords at you.

  9. Tootie– President Obama isn’t Josef Stalin. But when it comes time to speak out against Bush era war crimes and civil liberties abuses, he becomes Harpo Marx. (With apologies to the wonderful Harpo).

  10. kay: don’t let them kid you. People at this blog wallow in confrontation. And they love to be vicious, cruel, and brutal about it.


    Like Obama, Kim is “…the centre of an elaborate personality cult…”.
    Brothers in arms like Joseph Stalin.



    Self-fulfilling prophecies are my favorite kind ’cause they’re true!!

  11. Well Tooties,

    If you are bleeding and the tourniquet is soaked in blood what do you do if you do not have another way of stopping the bleed?

    I am hoping Obama is looking for different ways to stop the leeching but I am being proven wrong every day.

    So if you had said, Obama stop the practice Bush and Cheney started rather than making a direct correlation between Kim and Obama I do not think I would have been offended….

    Now to answer you question am I stupid? Maybe in some areas in life I am. To wit, engaging in conversations with you clearly indicates to me, you might me correct.

  12. AY:

    Are you that stupid? I’m no longer a Republican SPECIFICIALLY BECAUSE of Bush and Cheney.

  13. Tooties and you friend Tootles,

    Haw can you really say that? It was an international embarrassment. Didn’t the US have 2 goals stolen/taken away?

    If you are talking about other ideals and practices that Obama inherited from the previous administration that hopefully he is looking for a decent way to save face and cease. I don’t know.

    But to compare Bush and Cheney to Kim is a more direct correlation than anything that I have seen Obama do. But then, he has not done anything but focus on the screwed up economy. I am rethinking the role of the Hoover Administration left to it by the previous one:

    Most historians state that President Hoover did little while the Great Depression decimated the U.S. However Hoover actually initiated more government involvement in the economy than any other peacetime president up to that time. In fact, Hoover’s interventionist policies not only failed to stop the downward economic spiral following the stock market crash of 1929, but they made the spiral worse.

    Government Intervention

    One of Hoover’s first acts was to implore business leaders not to cut wages during the crisis. Hoover believed that if workers had higher wages, they would have more purchasing power to stimulate the economy. However when consumer demand decreases (as is often the case in a recession), businesses must either cut wages or cut workers to stay afloat. If wages are not cut, the result is unemployment. By the time Hoover left office in 1933, unemployment was near a staggering 25 percent.

    Hoover saw the federal government as a central planner that could improve the lives of people through regulation. This view was applied to farming. Farming had suffered greatly in the 1920s, mainly because the enormous demand for farm products during World War I the previous decade had dropped when the war ended. What was needed to correct this was not more government regulation but less farmers.

    Read more at Suite101: President Hoover Worsens the Great Depression: Government Intervention Turns Economic Recession Into Catastrophe

    I am not sure, but it seems that Obama is following a Republican President as well so….tell me…are you that stupid and want to play the Blame game on everyone but Bush and Cheney….if so…I hope you haven’t produced workers for the next regime….

  14. Oh look, one of Obama’s Marxist friends!

    Like Obama, Kim is “…the centre of an elaborate personality cult…”.(Wikipedia)

    Brothers in arms like Joseph Stalin.

    From the book “Twenty Letters To A Friend”, page 24:

    “This {Stalin’s house in which he died] is a house of gloom, a somber monument. Not for anything in the world would I go there now! Is it perhaps, after all, a fitting memorial to what we call the ‘era of the cult of personality’?”
    Svetlana Alliluyeva, Stalin’s daughter.

    The era isn’t over.

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