Bend It Like Kim Jong Il: Noth Korean Soccer Team Reportedly Tortured After Loss in World Cup

The International Soccer organization, Fifa, has launched an investigation into allegations that the North Korean World Cup coach and players were tortured by the government after losing all three games at the World Cup competition in South Africa and conceding the most goals of any team.

Except for two foreign-based players, the Koreans were reportedly sent for “harsh ideological criticism” and their coach Kim Jong-hun was publicly humiliated and sentenced to hard labor.

Source: Daily Mail

36 thoughts on “Bend It Like Kim Jong Il: Noth Korean Soccer Team Reportedly Tortured After Loss in World Cup”

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  2. there’s nothing like being told to grow up by someone who calls themselves “tootie”.

  3. AY:

    Now why would You say that? The encrypted one or the being when he was being?
    I say that you are just like Stalin because it is clear from the tenor of your remarks that you are a Marxist just like Obama. You wish to impose sharia law, gay marriage and social security on hard working americans who play by the rules, as do all your “politically correct” comrades. JUST LIKE STALIN!!!!

    Go back to Mexico where you came from!

    (Nice moustache, though.)

  4. “If only he could bowl white people would love him and we would have swedish style health care and George Bush would be on trial at the Hague.”

    bbbbwwwaaaahahahahahahahahahahahahha! OMGCOMNAMWMP!!!!!!

    ok, thanks for the laff tonight…that didn’t take long atall!
    have a pleasant…..;)

  5. HenMan,

    Tooties as you say is obtuse or an idiot trying to sound intelligence. That is something that cannot be bought at Harvard or Yale. Bush proved it, which I am coming to believe that Tooties is really a member of the Bush Crime Family.

  6. Tootie– “Brevity is the soul of something or other, as the case may be, and speaking parenthetically, may I add that all other things being equal,it is perfectly clear to me that had conditions been different, it would have been self-evident that you couldn’t possibly have suggested, even to the most obtuse of us, that this is what you intended to imply when you said what you did to the other people. This is certainly beyond my understanding.

  7. Yissil and Richard Cranium– I just got back online. I was going to listen to some Beethoven, but I decided to watch my Beavis and Butt-Head tapes instead- you know, the one where the boys are shocked to learn that high school eventually ends and you don’t have to go anymore. Anyway, Richard Cranium, I’m glad you straightened out Yissel about your cousin Ricardo Cabeza. I don’t understand why a lot of Americans want to prevent any more Ricardo Cabeza’s from entering our country.

  8. Richard Cranium I was referring only to the hair and the mustache. You look much younger. I know you did not vote for Obama as you have said that from the beginning.

  9. Swarthmore mom,

    Thank you, I suppose.


    Well you know me almost as well as anyone on here, with the exception of few.


    Find one post or any where that I have said that I was an Obama supporter. I have said and will continue to say that I supported Nader in the end.

    I had no reservations saying I would have voted for any one of the candidates named John. Edwards got cut quick and McCain was forced to take Palin. What choice did I have?

    Now with that said. People were jumping in Obama’s shit the first day blaming him for everything from birth defects to the space program issues. The issues you complain about with respect to the economy etc are all Bushes crap. Don’t blame the bail outs on Obama or any of the other horse shit reasoning you used.


    You should be an attorney, you are well reasoned and I think from what I have seen on here fairly intelligent. You are quick witted and usually on target.

    FYI to the rest, I can agree to disagree and still respect your opinions. Where the line gets crossed is when you impose your views on me and attribute things to moi. I am well capable of changing the particular foot in my mouth at anytime…….

  10. Swarthmore mom
    1, August 12, 2010 at 8:35 pm
    Buddah He does kind of look like John Bolton.


    He’s two-toned?! Nightmares!!!

  11. “Of course our founders must have been idiots and forgot to mention these rights. FDR, Sunstein, Obama and you, on the other hand are so much smarter.”


    “Nothing is more likely than that [the] enumeration of powers is defective. This is the ordinary case of all human works. Let us then go on perfecting it by adding by way of amendment to the Constitution those powers which time and trial show are still wanting.” –Thomas Jefferson to Wilson Nicholas, 1803.

    “Though we may say with confidence, that the worst of the American constitutions is better than the best which ever existed before in any other country, and that they are wonderfully perfect for a first essay, yet every human essay must have defects. It will remain, therefore, to those now coming on the stage of public affairs, to perfect what has been so well begun by those going off it.” –Thomas Jefferson to T. M. Randolph, Jr., 1787.

    “We must be contented to travel on towards perfection, step by step. We must be contented with the ground which [the new] Constitution will gain for us, and hope that a favorable moment will come for correcting what is amiss in it.” –Thomas Jefferson to the Count de Moustier, 1788.

    They aren’t smarter, just following in the founders’ footsteps. Tootie, your blissful, uninterrupted ignorance of the things you profess to believe in wholeheartedly is breathtaking. Take solace though, it makes you a fine Christian!!

  12. AY:

    Perhaps you don’t want to face the fact that Obama is as much a Marxist as Kim. This implies Obama is creep and if you like him it probably reflects badly on you. But maybe you are a committed Marxist and all that offends you is that I point out the similarities.

    For you, it seems, I cannot point out that Obama and Kim are both Marxists just because Bush and Cheney were idiots. That is irrational. Illogical. Childish.

    Perhaps the truth is too much for you to deal with, so you go with the kindergarten accusations. Billy did it, so I did it too. Bush was an idiot, so Obama can be. Bush trashed the economy, so Obama can too.

    It is time for all adults to grow up. That Bush was an idiot does not change the fact or the truth that Obama is a Marxist (even if a temporary one). That Bush screwed up the economy is no excuse or reason for Obama to screw it up as well.

    Hoover’s role in the Great Depression is just YOUR FREAKING OPINION. And I have mine. Here it is:

    And so if you want to compare economic disasters why not look to Calvin Coolidge. The depression starting under Woodrow Wilson (Democrat) in 1920-21 was very bad. Coolidge (who took office during the crash) did nothing to “fix” it like FDR and Obama want to fix things and the economy recovered QUICKLY. It took one year. Things came “roaring” back. Slashing the budget did it.

    While on the other hand FDR created a federal monstrosity in response to the 1929 crash, but the recovery went on for a DECADE and really didn’t get off the public accounts except by the convenient excuse of war which took men off the unemployment roles and into the military.

    Obama is doing what FDR did and thus will, like FDR make things worse. Plus he will make government more centralized and therefore more dangerous. That is the ultimate goal. The goal is Marxism.

    Cass Sunstein wants to implement a second bill of rights and this is his and Obama’s chance to do that. They need this crisis to be bad to complete what FDR began. The second bill of rights comes from FDR. Here is a summary of the rights FDR wanted to guarantee from Sunstein’s book “The Second Bill of Rights”:

    a good education
    a decent house
    food, clothing, and recreation
    social security
    unemployment benefits
    a job with good pay
    regulated business competition

    Of course our founders must have been idiots and forgot to mention these rights. FDR, Sunstein, Obama and you, on the other hand are so much smarter.

    I believe this NOT.

    Now, the Democrats have already forced most of these insanities down the throats of the American people: social Security, federal money for unemployment benefits, education (coming under ever expanding federal control and to include pre-school and college), housing (government run loans, Fannie Mae(FDR 1938), and so forth.

    None of this is Constitutional. All of it subversive. All of it usurpation. All of it bribery. All of it criminal. And Democrats are desperate to solidify this “shadow” second bill of rights in federal law before the Americans rip this maniacal Marxist abuse of power from their dirty filthy greedy hands. That is why we have the constant assaults on our form of government by Obama and his thugs in congress over the past 19 months.

    But now our dollar is devalued and we are in very big trouble. The only person warning about all this (for decades) was Ron Paul. He predicted this collapse. And surely it is a collapse. No one listened to him.

    NOW you complain about the problem, but did you vote for him when he was talking about it during the 2008 elections? Oh I doubt that you did! And if you didn’t would it be because you were not likely interested in voting for the best man? And instead you were more loyal to ideology and party INSTEAD of truth?

    You most likely didn’t vote for the best man BECAUSE he was a Republican. That would be prejudice.

    Marxism represents a colossal failure of morals and character. It springs from an obsessive, uncontrollable, and overwhelming inability to not stop thinking about other peoples’ money. It represents a well developed addiction to envy. It is as much about greed by government as any actual greed by corporations. Only Marxism is worse because it is at gunpoint.

    Marxism always ends up in murder and enslavement by government because to maintain it requires brute force.

    If Bush screwed things up by increasing the debt, then you ought to hate Obama for making it bigger. But I don’t think you do. Yet, the deficit devalues our money and eats away at senior retirement funds. This is merciless. And though cutting the budget is the only answer, I doubt you are recommending it. I also doubt you would recommend the newest proposal floating around that federal employees should make the same comparible wages as the private sector, thereby cutting billions out of the budget while keeping these loathsome tax-feeders employed.

    Democrat’s Fanny Mae program triggered this current problem, but Bush asked for reforming it since 2001. IT WAS REJECTED BY DEMOCRATS.* Perhaps you feel the need to cover that up. Government involvement in this sort of activity is a violation of the Constitution. Better cover that up too by screaming about what an idiot Bush is.

    Democrat’s unconstitutional social spending programs are what make up the bulk of the federal debt. You probably feel the need to cover that up. Without social security, medicare, and a myriad other unconstitutional programs, there likely wouldn’t be a crisis (at this point). But our situation is also the result of a fiat monetary system (Wilson, Democrat, 1913). Fiat monetary systems always end up with catastrophe, yet both parties promote and support it.

    Maybe you should try to hide that by blaming only Bush and the Republicans?

    Ron Paul and I oppose this fraudulent fiat system. How about you?

    Scream and yell, whine and cry about Bush because Obama is an utter failure and idiot. Get it all out. But it will not change the fact that Obama has embraced the same ideas that have failed all over the world. Elsewhere, where George Bush and Dick Cheney were not in charge, Marxist economies have failed and their people live in subjugation. No matter how much you scream and stomp your feet about Bush, he did not made Kim’s, Stalin’s, Mao’s, or Casto’s Marxism fail.

    Your calling me stupid doesn’t make my statement about Obama untrue.

    Obama is still as much a Marxist as Kim. And this is troublesome in many ways.

    From the diary of Victor Klemperer”:

    Septemember 27, Sunday 1936

    “I went to see Trustee Tanneberg…member of the Nazi party since ’29…anti-Semitic as regards the immigrant eastern Jews, is nonetheless a vehement opponent of the [Hitler] government…His most interesting words: ‘I laugh every evening when I listen to Radio Moscow. One only needs to substitute Stalin, for Hitler every time and Bolshevist for National Socialist, then the speeches are identical.'”page 191

    Identical indeed. Pray the Constitution you appear to loath HOLDS FIRM.


  13. AY,

    It’s the mustache. First you’re mistake from John Bolton and now Stalin. I suppose it could be worse. At least it’s not the bad cop mustache.


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