Paris Hilton Sued For Wearing Wrong Hair

Paris Hilton is the subject of a fascinating lawsuit over her wearing the wrong hair. Hilton, 32, is being sued for fraud and breach of contract by Hairtech International Inc. after she wore hair extensions of another company when she was supposed to be marketing their own product.

Not only was Hilton reportedly given millions for wearing and marketing the hair extensions, the company alleges that it lost $6.6 million on the launch party when Hilton failed to show. She was serving a jail stint in 2007 and could not attend.

The company is seeking $35 million in damages.

Hilton has been previously sued for her failure to market products after accepting money. She was sued in 2008 for failing to promote the film “Pledge This!” — for which she received $1 million.

I want to go on record that the host of this blog is prepared to wear hair extensions for a fraction of the Hilton contract. Hell, for a cool million, I will do dreadlocks on the air with a skillfully product placement reference. Call me, Hairtech.

Source: Celebrity Cafe

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