American Taliban: Meet Michael Voris

Meet Michael Voris who believes that the country needs a dictator who is “benevolent” and most importantly a Catholic. Voris advocates Catholic rule for the nation in this video, which surprisingly does not appear to be a joke.

Voris’s call for a “benevolent dictatorship” of a Catholic ruler is part of a video that has gone viral on the Internet. He is the founder of St. Michael’s Media and the star of a series on “The One True Faith.” He is described as a former seminarian and CBS anchor, who has won multiple Emmys for his work in broadcast news production.

Voris graduated from Notre Dame in 1983 with a degree in Communications and concentrated studies in history and politics. Equally impressive is his theological education. He not only trained as a young man in theology at the doctrinally-sound St. Joseph’s Seminary in New York, but in April of 2009, he received his Sacred Theology Baccalaureate (STB) from Sacred Heart Major Seminary/Angelicum in Rome – Magna Cum Laude.

At some point, he appears to have developed a taste for dictatorship and theocratic government.

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  1. Believe it nor not, not all well educated, practicing Catholics are bigoted, hate-spewing, come-listen-to-what-I-just-thought-up demagogues.

  2. I discovered this character’s video blogs one evening and fluctuated beween amusement and revulsion. Fascism takes many forms—tragic that this nitwit uses Catholicism to cloak his. WWJD? He wouldn’t!

    P.S. The Notre Dame powers-that-be are seeking a large rock (petras) under which to crawl!

  3. Awww. Poor lil’ bammbamm.

    I go after pedos wherever they do their damage.

    Also I tend to go after those who aid and abet their crimes like the Catholic Church.

    If they don’t like my ire?

    They can turn over every child molesting priest in their employ to the authorities at any time and I’ll cut them some slack.

    Until then?

    They’re just like any other criminal organization.


    Thanks for being a voice of reason. I know far many more Catholics such as yourself than the extremists who back charlatans like Voris and who act as apologists for the child molestation scandals. Most Catholics are decent people. But like any large group, your group is plagued with your own bad apples.

  4. As a “hard-core” Catholic, I personally think this guy is crazy.

    I’m 100% for “separation of Church and State”, especially since our country is so diverse. I like diversity. I would never EVER vote for someone with some kind of religious title, whether it is Reverend, Rabbi, Imam, or any other religious leader.


    And the sad thing is that so many Catholics will eat up every word this guy says just because he has some “credentials” and because he waters their seeds of self-righteous indignation.

  5. What Mr. Voris said concerning benevolent dictatorship was what I learned as a child. Now having watched president after president encouraging agendas that were beneficial to their political futures but not necessarily good for society, I realize how true this statement is.
    Now is it possible to achieve this, no. Does it mean that everyone would have to be a Catholic? NO!!!
    What it means is that a dictator who is totally committed to following God’s will would allow all in this nation to prosper to the best of their ability in a free society.
    A free society is only successful if certain rules are maintained for the common good. Mankind is essentially selfish and it is our responsibility to form our children to reach out to help others.
    Many laws that have been reversed in our country enabled us to be a successful society that reached out beyond our selves to help those less blessed.

  6. @ Average Joe – correct. It’s wrong to firmly believe in anything, because you’re bound to be “judgmental”, except when believing that the Catholic Church is absolutely wrong.

  7. Reading the comments is most revealing….the bigotry and secular righteousness is appalling.

    Mostly the folks who have commented are cut of EXACTLY the same cloth as Michael Voris, except that they espouse secularism instead of Catholicism.

    Of the two, I suspect Catholicism would be more benevolent, but this entire discussion scares the devil out of me that so many people who think they are “liberal” are as close-minded as the religious zelot they criticize!

    Wow. Funny how man continues to create god in his image.

  8. @Buddha – “Now how about those pedophiles?”

    Ha! Probably the sole perversion you’re not guilty of. And as if you care anything about children. When it comes to priestly pedophilia, you think “the more the merrier”. Because if you really cared, you’d have read research reports by scholars like Charol Shakeshaft, who said: “… the physical sexual abuse of students in [public] schools is likely more than 100 times the abuse by [Catholic] priests.”, and focused your caring attention on the whole matter – not just the few queers who got into the priesthood.

  9. Thanks for telling me I’m an atheist without asking what I am or are all non-Catholics atheists in your eyes?

    As to my vices? I’m not sure what that has to do with anything, but why don’t you let me worry about those, Waynebamm.

    Now how about those pedophiles?

  10. @Blouise
    I think you might wish to consult a judge on that one Blouise. Because my opinion is that anyone who flatly asserts that there is a huge difference between “guilt” and “shame”, is soft in the head and may need help. Pursuing a rational discussion at this point, may be optimistic on my part. So perhaps you can get a third party to both affirm and explain the HUGE difference between guilt and shame. I hate to lock you in on this, but huge means “really big”, right?

  11. @Buddha Is Laughing – in typical atheist fashion, crying buddha makes his catty little speech, declares himself the victor and pats himself on the back. The atheist has an insatiable need for this kind of high fiving – probably to offset the daily gloom and repetition that his enslavement to vice creates. Oh well, not my concern….

  12. bammbamm
    1, October 31, 2010 at 3:56 pm
    @Blouise “I was talking about shame … your post in response concerned guilt.”

    Yeah – huge difference. Like black and white. Is that all you got? If so, you should be guilty or ashamed for creating yet another subversive decoy to the original post.


    Yes, there is a huge difference … not black and white, but huge.

    If you desire your posts to be taken seriously when dealing with the subject of religion, then it is necessary to know the theology of the religion you are supporting so that you may answer challenges to your position with authority. The RCC has a rich history and a well developed theology … dismissing something as simple as the difference between shame and guilt as a decoy ignores the fact that you are the one who introduced the subject of shame into the conversation with your comment in the post “October 31, 2010 at 12:34 pm” …”Turley should be ashamed ..” .

    Both of your answers to my challenge indicate a lack of understanding on the religion you are supporting. Your understanding of the RCC, or Church of Constantine, as I refer to all “Christian” churches, indicates a basic ignorance of the material. Any opinion based on ignorance is worthless in a serious discussion.

    The challenge was delivered on the basis of your own comments. You have failed to meet the challenge. End of story.

  13. bammbamm,

    Really. I know this isn’t about me. For a fact. It’s not even about JT except that your claim JT wanted a man dead.

    This is about you.

    But then why did you attack me when I came to the Prof’s defense?

    Then why did first accuse JT of wanting Voris shot and then me? That makes it about me, you simpleton. Don’t accuse me of wanting people shot when you have no proof and don’t expect me to let you lay that charge on someone else when it’s pure bullshit. Now if you wanted to say I’d love nothing better than the demise and dissolution via tort damages and penalties for crimes of the organization known as the RCC, you’d be right Wayne, but I feel that way about all criminal organizations including the GOP and DNC.

    As to the “@” symbol comment? Do you read English? That was bdaman who said that so you can take it up with him. Until then you’ve proven nothing about anyone here wanting Voris shot. I don’t even want you shot. I just want to make you look like a boot licking toady operating off of blind dogmatic Papist fealty rather than logic and evidence.

    It wasn’t hard to accomplish as you did most of the heavy lifting yourself.

  14. @Blouise “I was talking about shame … your post in response concerned guilt.”

    Yeah – huge difference. Like black and white. Is that all you got? If so, you should be guilty or ashamed for creating yet another subversive decoy to the original post.

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    A: WordPress is what it is. There’s a spam filter on the site because there are computers in Asia that blast WordPress sites with endless spam…if the filter was not on, every thread would have thousands of links to scam sites hawking Cialis and Viagra, or malicious viruses that attack computers. So the WordPress shields are needed.

    Spam computers don’t have avatars registered to them, so another reason your posts might not be turning up is if you also don’t have an avatar.

  16. correction Nals latest post

    P.S. I just found out that the spam filter is creating the delay in posting

  17. “I see nothing on the horizon to change that pattern.”

    Except for the Islamic religion, then all bets are off.

  18. Blouise I was thinking more about the power the catholic church has in Latin America, Asia, and Africa. The next pope will be either African or from South America.

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