Montana GOP Reaffirms Position on Criminalizing Homosexuality

The Montana Republican Party has adopted its official platform, which contains a standout provision: a call to criminalize homosexuality.

The party has long demanded the criminalization of homosexuality but its decision to retain the policy has been something of a shocker, including for some Republicans.

The GOP retained the policy despite the fact that the Montana Supreme Court struck down such laws in 1997.

Source: Huff Post

30 thoughts on “Montana GOP Reaffirms Position on Criminalizing Homosexuality”

  1. I’m gone for a week and nobody stepped in with Willie Nelson? You should all be ashamed.


  2. Are there any GOP politician gayer looking than Mitt Romney, except for Lindsay Graham and Mitch McConnell? I’ve got no factual basis for this, but I do have my suspicions.

  3. This Montana nonsense is just one more reminder of what we can expect if the new Teapublican party is allowed to take control of any portion of the national government. Keep Big Government out of my business unless the Teapublicans don’t like my business. Maybe it is some of O’donnell’s witchcraft that is causing these nutcases to actually come out from under their rocks!

  4. “Whatever the loyal tribe memebers do is good and should be protected by the government by any means; whatever the outsiders do differently is bad and must be prohibited by the government by any means” (mespo)

    Therein lies our problem …

  5. Oh what was that guys name that sang bricks in the wall….oh….well anyway….maybe it can be changed to hey….mancher leave my sheep alone….just another sheep in the wall…..

  6. AY,

    Well . . . the term “cowboy” was originally a pejorative. You may have something there.

  7. What? Republicans acting like cavemen again?

    They really are giving a bad name to cavemen. And caves for that matter.

  8. “Expect more of the same — and then some — when the afternoon session kicks off at 2 p.m. ET, with speeches from Rick Santorum, Gary Bauer and (everyone in the crowd and the press corp is excited for this) ***Christine O’Donnell***”

    Christine O’Donnell is backing away from her plans to appear on the Sunday morning talk shows this weekend.

    The Tea Party-backed GOP nominee for Delaware’s Senate seat had been scheduled to appear on both CBS’ “Face the Nation” and “Fox News Sunday,” but canceled both appearances.

  9. “Values like the sanctity of life [death penalty] and the preservation of marriage [Reno marriage and divorce].”

    Gotta love it.

    …and what Mespo said.

  10. From TPMDC
    Values Voter Summit Kicks Off With Attacks On Gays, Abortion Rights (VIDEO)
    Evan McMorris-Santoro | September 17, 2010, 1:25PM

    The opening morning of the Values Voter Summit here in Washington followed a predictable script: President Obama and the Democrats in Congress are destroying America, and they’re doing it by making it easier for homosexuals to live openly and for women to exercise their right to choose.

    There were attacks on health care, spending and taxes, too, but this is the VVS after all, so the fear of ending Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell and the specter of government funding for abortion took center stage in a way not seen at most high-profile Republican events this year.

    “Washington is assaulting America’s values,” Mitt Romney told the crowd packed into the ballroom here at the Omni Shoreham hotel. “Values like the sanctity of life and the preservation of marriage.”

  11. Ok, who turned on the header banners……..JT, you need to block them on your end.

  12. Hey now, they better leave bestiality alone or they will have some real stiff opposition…..Nah, I suppose this is where the DADT policy comes in…..

  13. Otteray Scribe:
    “The cognitive dissonance is dazzling.”

    I find it perfectly consistent with folks stricken with a tribal mindset. Whatever the loyal tribe memebers do is good and should be protected by the government by any means; whatever the outsiders do differently is bad and must be prohibited by the government by any means. See, it works great. Just like “an eye for an eye.” I hear it was all the rage among the Neanderthals.

  14. The cognitive dissonance is dazzling. “Get government out of our lives,” versus, “More government control of things people do I don’t like.” Wow. Just wow.

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