Turley Affidavit in Canadian Polygamy Case

I previously posted notice of my retention as a legal expert in the polygamy case before the British Columbia Supreme Court — a case that is being watched closely around the world. My office has received a number of requests for the affidavit, which I have been informed is now part of the public record and is linked below.

I will be discussing this subject further in a law review article that I am working on. Obviously, an academic always feels he has more to say on such a subject. It is a fascinating case with obviously great implications — not just for Canada but around the world.

While B.C. Attorney-General Mike de Jong has included me on a witness list, it is not clear if I will actually be called for live testimony in light of this lengthy sworn statement.

Here is the affidavit: Turley Affidavit


Jonathan Turley

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  1. Sean:

    “Kill the head and the body will die. This landmark case is going to awaken a sleeping giant. I am merely providing the facts. Look at the economy.”


    My futile attempt to mimic the omniscience that Sean obviously possesses:

    Damn the torpedoes. Full speed ahead. I await the charge of the Sean brigade — white sheets a whipping in the sun. … Look, a pretty kitty. Here, kitty, kitty.

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  3. I am not equating the LDS to the KKK, they are seperate entities, although both originate from the Second Great Awakening in the 1830’s after Jefferson, Burr, and Tammany Hall killed Alexander Hamilton to control the M2 money supply so they could invade Lower Canada in hopes that their fellow Jesuit Napolean would destroy England. Sorry, that will never happen. Then you all tried again with Hitler. I understand everything. i understand that the moment the Norman kings of England got in bed with the Latin’s from France, that was the end of Whtie people in England. One drop and you all turn into gremlins. You think white people are there for your enjoyment. King John demanded that King Alexander of Scotland send him his sisters and wives. You all did the same thing in the Holy Roman Empire with King Charlamagne invading Denmark which is the reason the Vikings pillaged former Roman colony, England. This goes back alot further than the 19th century.

  4. James. I judged my audience correctly. Kill the head and the body will die. This landmark case is going to awaken a sleeping giant. I am merely providing the facts. Look at the economy. Republicans have been in control of Executive and Legislative branch for almost the entire period from FDR/Truman. Mormons only vote Republican because it’s the lesser of two evils allowing them to practice their faith. Eventually , here pretty soon, the equilibrium is going to be completely destroyed by the greed , from people liquidating the government, you all wanna abolish social security and the IRS, and the Federal Reserve, and you want USA to be a casino and a wasteland with no saftey net for anyone. At some point all the Protestant faiths are going to have another “Great Awakening and flee to Canada” and then you Catholics and Jews can do what you all do best, which is “Write off all the debt”. China just bought 20% of the GM Initial Public Offering, this country is about to be toppled because Republicans never want to allow themselves to be taxed at the Federal level. If now is not the time to tax the top 2-10% , then when is?? We are approaching the destruction of the economic, political, and religious equilibrium, and it sure isnt the LDS creation.

  5. Sean,

    I think you seriously misjudged your audience. Your racist, conspiracy theorist, hateful rambling will not going to go over well here (except maybe with Tootie?).

  6. P.S. Sean, I had no idea “sarcasm” is Jewish. What’s “quick- wittedness”? Lithuanian?

  7. Sean:
    “Mespo, why don’t we stick with the facts instead of mudslinging and slander.”


    Let’s do:

    1.”Now in the USA, for hundreds of years the Catholics and now the Jews send white men off to die while they themselves are the only ones who can afford to spend time with the white women.”

    2.”The LDS faith represents a way to ensure that the white race has a chance to remain whole in a world of confusion and war and ravaging circumstances.”

    3.”If you are concerned at all about the future of the white race, considering that we are outnumbered in the world by about 7 races, to our single white race, please consider providing any positive reinforcement to the proceedings in favor of legalizing Polygamy in Canada.”

    With “facts” like these, I think you need a lot more mud to bury such outright antisemitism (and a decided vision problem given that many Catholics and most Jews are Caucasian), ignorance of the LDS faith (they don’t consider themselves a white enclave anymore*), and stupid concerns about being “outnumbered.” (Where are you? The Alamo!)

    *Following the so-called “Revelation of the Priesthood of 1978,” the LDS admitted African-Americans into the Church as ministers. They had always been welcome as non-ministering members before that time. According to one of the Twelve present on that day, “It was during this prayer that the revelation came. The Spirit of the Lord rested upon us all; we felt something akin to what happened on the day of Pentecost and at the Kirtland Temple. From the midst of eternity, the voice of God, conveyed by the power of the Spirit, spoke to his prophet. The message was that the time had now come to offer the fullness of the everlasting gospel, including celestial marriage, and the priesthood, and the blessings of the temple, to all men, without reference to race or color, solely on the basis of personal worthiness. And we all heard the same voice, received the same message, and became personal witnesses that the word received was the mind and will and voice of the Lord.”

    If this is what you learned from your intense research in 2010, imagine the progress you’ll make when you get your head out of the 19th Century.

  8. Mespo, why don’t we stick with the facts instead of mudslinging and slander. This is why we are who we are, and this is why Polygamy should be legalized in Canada. Most Americans have your sense of Jewish sarcasm, so why not facilitate our migration to Canada so you can fully enjoy your melting pot? We don’t want to melt in the pot, that is our God given right!

  9. Sean:

    “The LDS faith represents a way to ensure that the white race has a chance to remain whole in a world of confusion and war and ravaging circumstances.”


    It must be quite gratifying knowing your church shares the reason for its existence with the Klu Klux Klan. Does that “magic underwear” come with a hood too?

  10. I read the latest articles regarding FLDS members wanting to testify. I saw some facts of the prosecution regarding the ages of the females who are married off 20-30 years ago, and up until three years ago, the stand alone age of consent was only 15, (now 16) for the entire country, so with parents consent to marry being likely 14, 15, there should not be an issue??

    I know they got millions of state dollars, but everyone gets millions of state dollars, people skim from the government at the most highest levels just as they skim from the government at the most basic levels. The base of the faith is the right to insulate their bloodline from the outside world and that is the bottom line, that is their religious freedom.

  11. I have spent the entire 2010 conducting geneology research, and this is also the cornerstone of the Mormon Faith, which is providing a historical lineage from beginning without interuption from outside forces. It is a basic right for a group of people to want to create this world for themselves. Ancestry.com is a major LDS corporation that trades on Wall St. as a publicly traded entity. The LDS faith represents a way to ensure that the white race has a chance to remain whole in a world of confusion and war and ravaging circumstances. There is only ONE white race comprised of many Nordic ethnic groups. Meanwhile there are many other non-white races that do not melt in the melting pot that we call North America and no, Europe as well, with the Americanization of the Europoean Union. It is not been legislated that the White race has no homeland that they can call their own because those nations have adopted an Americanized immigration policty. Salt Lake City is to the White Race was Rome is to the Roman Catholics and, what Mecca is to Islam. To allow Polygamy to be accepted in Canada would be a huge step forward for the White race and would enable us to colonize the entire Northern half of the Rocky Mountains in order to protect the expansive swath of natural resourses that exist on this great continent.

    The USA is in debt by Trillions upon Trillions of dollars, and the Mormon faith has always been very resourceful and frugal and currently have one of the lowest, if not, THE lowest unemployment per capita in the USA. The Mormon faith is one to be proud of and those of us in the original FLDS would do a wonder of good for the North American continent if they were allowed to proceed uninterupted.

  12. Correction : “to back UP the thesis statement.”

    If you could reply sir, on what your affidavit’s role will be on the outcome of the proceedings? Do you have a determining role? Is it still possible for you to change your impactive role?

    I read that you wrote a huge article on the 150th of the Civil War. That is great. Major General Hooker reorganized the Army of the Potomac around the time of the Emanicpation Proclamation, and he placed the 2nd WI, and it’s Iron Brigade as a whole within the 1st Division of the I Corp for the Army of the Potomac for the entire spring and summer leading into July 1, 1863, the first morning of Gettysburg. The Commanding Officer of the 2nd WI, 1st Brigade, 1st Division, I Corp of the Army of the Potomac was Colonel Lucius Fairchild. He was the pointman for Major General Hooker and his battalion was the first infantry troops to make contact with General Lee’s army that morning, and they captured a Brigadier General while defending a sizeable artillery unit of 173 guns.

    I guess my point is that lately I have been having alot of discoveries about my families past while conducting geneology research. I also found out that one of us was the co-founder’s of the Mormon Church in Kirtland OH in 1832 which was the same exact year that Lucius’ parents migrated to Wisconsin. His father was the first mayor of Madison and Lucious would go on to be a three term Governor of the state, before Commanding the Army of the Grand Republic (Veteran’s Army) . After Lucius lost his arm at 10am of Day One of Gettysburg, President Lincoln fully commisioned him a Brigadier General, (not brevetting him)

    So again, one of our relatives, in both our bloodlines, co-founded the Mormon Church was Joshua Fairchild Jr. and he was the co-signer of the Mormon Book of Commandments in Ohio, 1831 around the same time General Lucius’s family relocated to WI. Joshua was a contemporary of Joseph Smith Jr. and his step-daugher actually was one of Brigham Young’s plural wives on the Mormon Migration from Missouri to Utah.

    I can honestly tell you with first hand knowledge that FLDS, is not FLDS, it is the mainline of our religion that the US Government way back during the Civil War era, forced us to bury. If you are concerned at all about the future of the white race, considering that we are outnumbered in the world by about 7 races, to our single white race, please consider providing any positive reinforcement to the proceedings in favor of legalizing Polygamy in Canada.

  13. White protestants as a whole, not just LDS, need to legalize polygamy like the Muslims do because they do it to make up for a disproportionate amount of men to females due to warfare with various tribes. This tactic has always been used by Romans, and now both Roman Catholic and Jews, to send Protestants off to war while taking our women. The hidden result is that there still a 50/50 ratio of men to women, but the Protestant men are reduced. LDS practice Polygamy for the sake of thousands of years of being subjugated into warfare by the Roman Popes. Now in the USA, for hundreds of years the Catholics and now the Jews send white men off to die while they themselves are the only ones who can afford to spend time with the white women. This is the cold hard truth and books have been written for hundreds of years to back of this basic thesis statement.

  14. One Man, One Woman ……whats the difference in one another or another…..It not about who you love, it is who you love that matters the most…..

  15. This is also an issue of freedom of speech?

    Let me briefly explain: Using polygamy as an example (since that’s the usual case, polyandry being very rare), suppose a man has relationships with two women.
    They can live together, pool their economic resources, engage in physical intimacy, procreate, raise children, etc. etc.

    If they do not marry and do not claim to be married, it’s all perfectly legal.

    But if, in addition to doing all those legal things, they tell the world they are married (even if they are not), that act of speech subjects them to criminal punishment.

    Therefore, it’s the exercise of what should be free speech in proclaiming the man has married two women that is being punished.

    Also, even if they were legally married, and didn’t exercise their free speech to say so, the only difference between what is legal and what is criminal is that in the former the man has not made a legally enforceable commitment while in the latter he has made a legal commitment. Punishing the act of making that commitment is not even rationally related to a legitimate governmental purpose.

    I haven’t read your equal protection argument, but I would also observe that apart from individual notions of morality, the primary objections to polygamy are based on notions that it is primarily practiced in insular societies that are organized around the notion of a patriarchal family of unequal powers, where the husbands are the heads of families and the wives are expected to obey their husbands, and where the children are expected to obey their fathers. In those situations, the actual problem is not polygamy itself but the husband/father’s abuse of his authority. That problem, if such it really is, would arise within those societies even if there was no polygamy. In other words, the laws do not actually target the abuses for which they supposedly exist, Those abuses would exist in such groups even if monogamy was the only form of marriage.

  16. Whew, forty odd pages of CV was not impressive enough, but I learned a new word “cabined”. Added that to my Scrabble word list, now I’ve got to figure out how to use it to my advantage in say, a bar room trivia challenge.

  17. I skimmed it and agree with James M. Even within the CV, I found some articles that I’d like to read.

  18. Thanks for sharing it with us Professor!

    Don’t let the length put anyone else off reading it — about 40 pages of it is his CV.

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