Prostitution May Become Legal This Saturday in Ontario

To the delight of civil libertarians and libertarians alike, the Canadian courts have been leading the world in dealing with conflicts between privacy principles and morality legislation. I am serving as an expert in the review of Canadian polygamy laws in British Columbia. In the meantime, the Ontario Superior Court may allow three prostitution laws to die this Saturday.

In September, the Court struck down the laws. The federal government is charging that this is nothing short of a “social experiment unprecedented in this country.” However, it is also a frank acknowledgment that consenting adults came engage in sex for money as a consensual choice. Currently, an individual can have sex with any number of partners but can be arrested if they accept anything of value in exchange for sex. They can receive gifts as part of a “relationship” no matter how fleeting but not as payment.

The Court previously noted that criminal laws force prostitutes in the shadows where they are easy prey for abuse and even homicides. Once legal, protections and regulations can apply to the world’s oldest profession. With the demise of the laws, street walking will be legal.

Source: Star

Jonathan Turley

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  1. Head Bitch
    1, December 11, 2010 at 6:18 am
    What all you morons bitching about? I like it, I do it and I get paid for it? Do you get paid for doing it?


    Well, depends on what your definition of it is.

  2. It is more likely to be YOU, we know for certain you post under multiple names to try and trick us.

    As for whether Eliot Spitzer can get sex of any type he wants whenever he wants, I know a quite a few husbands that would snort with laughter over that assertion. Hell, the fact that the opposite is true is a staple subject in stand-up comedy.

    Once again, you are an ignorant person that does not comprehend reality, AND despicable.

  3. What all you morons bitching about? I like it, I do it and I get paid for it? Do you get paid for doing it?

  4. Tony,

    As a bonus, you also win a lifetime supply of Lance Wax from Turtle Wax. Turtle Wax! When you don’t want to leave your favorite lance in an opponent’s chest, use Turtle Wax brand Lance Wax! Now with carnauba!

  5. I don’t believe that sex w prostitutes was the only sex that Eliot Spitzer, Edward Nottingham, and other famous JOHNS can get.

    Not to be personal but…..

  6. @Kay: Yes, of course I would, because you are despicable, you are a liar, you are purposely deceptive, and you are incapable of following the simplest logical argument on any number of issues.

    My emotional involvement is in thoroughly hating ignorant know-nothings like you. You think you know how other people should live their lives, in fact you are so firmly convinced of it that you want to FORCE them to live their lives according to your morals and your standards, even if it leaves them in poverty, even if it kills their children, even if it destroys their lives because you just KNOW it is going to turn out better, and of course you don’t have to witness any of the consequences. Not that witnessing them would matter, you’d just blame them some more or try to control them further with more force. Until they are dead, then you will say, “Oh well I tried but they wouldn’t cooperate, so they are better off dead.”

    Your ideas are idiotic, you are going to tell men seeking what may be the only sexual contact they CAN have that they should get a hobby like carving soap or some other ludicrous insanity, as if that would make them feel just fine. What a complete moron you are; it is unbelievable.

    Who cares if prostitution creates a “healthy” economy? Government is supposed to protect PEOPLE from being harmed by other people, they aren’t supposed to be protecting dollars, or the wealthy, or the economy, or next quarter’s projected sales figures. They aren’t in charge of our health, we are not children and politicians do not know a damn thing we don’t know.

    You are such a STUPID person!

    Who cares what the representatives of the deca-millionaires and foreign governments in the Chamber of Commerce might say? They lie every time they say ANYTHING.

    I am invested in the ideals of freedom, and you are an enemy of it. You want to oppress other people and force them to live by your personal values. Screw off and mind your own business.

    You are despicable. I only say that because it is true.

  7. Why are you so emotionally involved in the subject? If we were debating tax policy would you call me “despicable”?

    If prostitution created a healthy economy there would be representatives of the chambers of commerce saying so.

  8. @Kay: Why is it any damn business of YOURS what people do with their own money they worked for? What claim do YOU have on MY money? How I spend my money is my business, that is the defining characteristic of it being MY MONEY. I worked for it, I traded hours of my life for it, I risked my life for it, and it is MY MONEY. I paid my taxes on it without cheating and that is the full responsibility I have to society, I have no responsibility, NONE WHATSOEVER, to ‘create jobs’ or do anything you want me to do with MY MONEY. How anybody spends their money is none of your damn business.

    And of course, when johns spend money on prostitution, they ARE creating jobs, you dolt. Prostitution jobs! And if prostitutes are WILLING to be paid and johns are WILLING to pay them, as is obviously the case, perhaps it is because the johns find sex a little more satisfying than playing with model trains, and perhaps the prostitutes find their job a little more financially rewarding than rearranging clothing at Walmart.

    They can both be willing participants. Sex is NOT an inherently unhealthy activity, humans are built for it. But even if it were, it is not the government’s place to outlaw “unhealthy” activity, that is totalitarianism. People are not government property, and freedom includes the freedom to engage in many activities that are dangerous and / or known to be bad for your health.

    You are despicable.

  9. Dear Tony C

    Why are you so emotionally involved in this subject?

    Consider the small business w 5 employees grossing $500,000 per year, the Oakland Pimp w car. If we click around we will find typical business models for small businesses, say a dry cleaner or a restaurant 3 5 full time employees. Compare these business operations side by side.

    What would you say is the annual spending for a typical JOHN? What if instead of going to the pimp he just spent his recreational dollars on something like building model railroads, golf, theater, boating, or eating out. All of that spending creates jobs. If there was less demand for prostitution, the pimps wouldn’t be sitting there with women no one wanted. They would all be out there doing something else, such as manufacturing models, running model car gaming establishments, golf course maintenance, legitimate theater, chartering boats or cooking and waitressing. If the JOHNS aren’t spending their $$ on prostitutes their money doesn’t disappear, it is simply redirected in a way that is better for society.

  10. @Kay: So you are purposely misleading when you say the only people that lose are Johns under your plan; because you know you plan to drive half the prostitutes out of business (or cut their income in half) and that is obviously how they earn their living.

    And WHY are you engaging in this oppression? Because you don’t think prostitution is “healthy,” which is your way of saying you don’t like it. But it isn’t enough for you to just not engage in it yourself, you must keep other people from engaging in it, even if they disagree with you, even if you sentence them to poverty and sickness, even if you sentence their children to malnutrition and and an “educational” system that may get them killed or ruin their lives and waste their potential. Why isn’t THAT outcome “unhealthy?”

    How do you know THAT isn’t happening, all the negative effects of cutting a prostitute’s income in half and the financial hardship that causes? You don’t know, you have zero evidence for your claim that it isn’t “healthy” and you make a decision based on NOTHING AT ALL except your own moral outrage.

    You are despicable.

  11. Yes I see that. They reported that in Sweden they cut the amount of prostitution in half by fining the Johns. They weren’t jailed, just fined.

    So my idea is that for a healthy economy we need healthy industries and I don’t think that prostitution is a healthy industry.

    What do we know about JOHNS?

    What are the typical ages of JOHNS?

    Do JOHNS get outdoor exercise such as walking, jogging, raking leaves etc.?

    Are most JOHNS UI — How does this sound — JUI — JOHN UNDER INFLUENCE?

    What do we know about sex profiteers?

    Heard something on public radio recently saying that Oakland CA has a lot of illegal prostitution and that a typical operation is one pimp, 4 women and pays about $500,000 / year.

  12. @Kay: You cannot see that arresting the customers of prostitutes would mean the prostitutes earn less money? Seriously? Are you blind?

  13. @Swarthmore: Anybody engaging in slavery of any kind should be put to death, including sexual slavery. Forcing somebody to have sex is rape, using somebody held against their will for sex is rape. These are crimes already, and ghastly crimes.

    I presume the solution to that is more cops being more aggressive with sex traffickers and slavers.

    When I advocate for legalized prostitution, I think I have made clear I am talking about legalizing consensual sex between adults for pay.

    I will again point out that one cause of what you are talking about is the fact that because prostitution is illegal, as a society we have zero control over it, and that means it is run entirely by criminals that really care nothing about the law, have zero empathy for their ’employees’ and think of them as disposable property, and it isn’t surprising that they feel the same about the underage, or children, or infants.

    The people at the top of these organizations dispose of lives on a whim. The problem is the prostitutes have nowhere else to go; the same type of criminal will be in charge no matter where they go. That would not have to be true if prostitution was legalized.

  14. When I heard that they delayed legalization of prostitution I thought that I did a really good deed by doing the research and posting here. Maybe someone in the government actually read our debate. I plan to post the Open Records information that should come from the State of Nevada.

    I don’t see how there is a lose in the Arrest the Johns programs except for the Johns. They could just stop going to prostitutes. Men have been getting along without prostitution for centuries and most of them don’t resort to rape.

  15. @Annie: Are you paid by a religious group? Or are you just another mindless drone that believes everything you are told by anybody with a hint of authority? Are you capable of independent thought?

  16. @Kay: So when you intentionally committed a fraud to try and trick us all into thinking somebody was supporting you, and it didn’t work because I still didn’t agree with you, you are upset I didn’t know the myriad other bullshit things ‘reader’ had said and insult your avatar equally?

    How about when you posted as Hookers R Us? Are you upset that I detected that fraud?

  17. @Kay: You do understand it was YOU that called my ***statement*** an attack, so my response is referring to a VERBAL attack on your idiotic ideas. Right? So YES, those that advocate using violence to enforce their morals on other people SHOULD be verbally attacked.

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