Prostitution May Become Legal This Saturday in Ontario

To the delight of civil libertarians and libertarians alike, the Canadian courts have been leading the world in dealing with conflicts between privacy principles and morality legislation. I am serving as an expert in the review of Canadian polygamy laws in British Columbia. In the meantime, the Ontario Superior Court may allow three prostitution laws to die this Saturday.

In September, the Court struck down the laws. The federal government is charging that this is nothing short of a “social experiment unprecedented in this country.” However, it is also a frank acknowledgment that consenting adults came engage in sex for money as a consensual choice. Currently, an individual can have sex with any number of partners but can be arrested if they accept anything of value in exchange for sex. They can receive gifts as part of a “relationship” no matter how fleeting but not as payment.

The Court previously noted that criminal laws force prostitutes in the shadows where they are easy prey for abuse and even homicides. Once legal, protections and regulations can apply to the world’s oldest profession. With the demise of the laws, street walking will be legal.

Source: Star

Jonathan Turley

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  1. “what I hope to accomplish is to convince Ontario not to legalize prostitution.”

    Really? So it’s not enough you seek to extend your morality to American jurisprudence in an irrational manner, but to the jurisprudence of Canada as well?

    Good luck with that.

    By which I mean, “You don’t stand a chance in Hell of convincing a country you are not a citizen of on how they should conduct their internal affairs.”

    You do realize Canada is a sovereign nation, right? With self-determination and all that other stuff that goes with being a sovereign nation? Including the proposition that only citizens are allowed to participate?


    You have more in common with Sisyphus than Prometheus.

    As to me possibly posing under other names to mock your nonsense, kay? I don’t have an issue with doing under so my regular nom de guerre, so why would I do it under an assumed name? Hmmm? The one and only correct answer is “no reason at all”. I’ll openly mock your positions should I so desire. Just like now and every point leading up to now.

    You really should seek professional help.

    And this time, I don’t mean an attorney.

  2. We know what “it” was for Elliott Spitzer and David Vitter. I could be graphic, but I won’t be.

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