State of the Union Wishlist

Submitted by Lawrence Rafferty (rafflaw), Guest Blogger

In light of the all the hoopla about President Obama’s upcoming State of the Union speech on Tuesday night, I have been thinking of all of the ideas and issues that I would like the President to address in his talk with the country. Since I am a Bears fan and  used to dreaming,  here it goes.

The first issue that I would like to hear President Obama discuss on Tuesday is the Economy.  I don’t mean just “jump starting” the economy. I want to hear about the plans to reach full employment. I am not suggesting that the unemployment rate should be zero, but if we are not shooting for that, how will we get the unemployment rate down to an “acceptable” number? I want the President to tell me that he will be starting government jobs programs to assist cities and states with their infrastructure. I am talking about WPA type programs to give every willing worker a job. Whether it is rebuilding and renovating our National Parks and National Monuments, or helping out in State parks and recreation areas; the result is the same. Having jobs that pay people to actually help our country and get paychecks to people who will spur the economy as a whole.

The next issue that I would like the President to talk about is one that will probably be very contentious. I want him to challenge the Congress, on national TV to reintroduce the Assault Weapons Ban to control some of our deadliest weapons. That would include restricting the size of the magazines or clips that could be used on semi-automatic weapons. I would also want to hear that the gun show loop-hole must be “fixed” and made part of the legislation. This will create a firestorm from the Right and from the Left, but if he really wants to help save lives, this is a good first step.

When I read in the papers and on this blog that the Republicans and some Democrats want to repeal and/or defund “Obama care”, my blood just boils. To that end, President Obama needs to outline every single benefit of the health care reform legislation that will die or not be initiated if the legislation is repealed or starved to death financially. When the public hears what the Insurance industry funded Republicans and Blue Dog Democrats want everyday Americans to lose or do without, Americans everywhere will “inform” the Republicans and the Democrats just what is important to them. Since I am dreaming here, I would also want the President to challenge any legislator who votes to repeal or defund the legislation to give up their government-funded health insurance. If you don’t want Americans to have insurance coverage, you shouldn’t take any coverage from the government.  What is good for the goose is good for the gander.

Finally, the President should reaffirm his vow to end any and all torture by our military and intelligence authorities. The President could reignite his base by going one step further to say that he will be instructing Attorney General Holder to investigate any past instances of torture during the Bush Administration including the actors and the officials who authorized it. It will be a bombshell, but justice deserves this kind of bombshell.  If he really has grown a set, he could also mention Pvt. Manning by name and vow to end his solitary confinement and treat him like any other person who has only been charged of a crime.

Now that I have gone out on a limb to give you several of the items on my State of the Union wish list, it is time for you to go out on that limb and tell us what you want the President to discuss on Tuesday evening. It will be interesting to see if the President actually discusses any of our items. This will give us something to talk about after the Bears beat the Packers today!

Submitted by Lawrence Rafferty (rafflaw), Guest Blogger

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  1. Lottakatz it’s been a long time coming. I remember once when I worked for a sports technology company and was on the PGA Tour we had to be two to a room. One of my room mates was so freaked out he said he was ready to call 911 two or three times. He said he would count up to five seconds and each time he was ready to reach for the phone I would start breathing again. That was 15-20 years ago. The company soon after gave me my own room.

  2. I think that Bdaman should out himself.

    I would but I just shit myself. HA HA

    There is iron in your words for all of the blog to see.

  3. I think that Bdaman should out himself. He is paid for by Bret to post here and become disruptive. I see that when you lay down with the dogs you get fleas. He has become to familiar with you all. He has no loyalty to anyone. He was taken in when no one else would have him and see what we get for helping put him in a position.

  4. Bdaman, If you have sleep apnea that is moderate to severe that type of headgear won’t help. That’s why you need the test and it’s good you’re going to get the test because sleep apnea can cause some very serious health problems. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for a good outcome for you (mild or moderate v. serious) and that there aren’t any maddening delays in getting the equipment while your doctor and you have to battle the insurance company to get it.

    I don’t recall if my friend had to go back to the sleep clinic after she got the equipment to have a study while she used it in order to calibrate it’s function to her or not. Even so, it was well worth it to her.

    She got hers 8-9 years ago so it may be a much improved bit of tech and everything regarding calibration has been reduced to a formula.

  5. Bdaman, Ginsburg has been ill with cancer twice and undergone chemo.

    And thats why I put it out there. I forgot all about that. Thanks Lottakatz. In re to CPAP thanks I have been convinced more than ever by you and others again thanks.

    Blouise, I know, right but I guess thats one of the systems of it. One of the things I’ve seen as a possible cure is that neoprene head gear that keeps your mouth shut while sleeping. Would have tried it but the commercial didn’t say if you call right now we will include an extra one, so thats two at $99.95 🙂

  6. 2T, You know what your problem and the problem of all those other white folks that are terrified of becoming a minority is? You know how badly minorities have been and are treated. If we had the country we say we do where freedom and equality is the rule; where a good education for all and the promise of success it should carry, is reality instead of a lie; where we had an economic system that wasn’t a zero-sum game there would be no concern weather one was a racial, cultural or religious minority because it would not matter.

    The very economic and legal arguments you put forth make it imperative that some are treated well and everybody else gets screwed, to death in fact, as we see playing out in Arizona with the toally unnecessarily State imposed Medicaid death-panels today.

    Some good chunk of the population is going to get screwed on some arbitrary basis. Race and economic class is the most expedient and it’s worked for centuaries. That’s what people are afraid of as the brown tide rises. That’s why Obama is the new sign of the White apocalypse. You have every reason to think that as a minority you will be treated as shabbily, disgustingly as minorities (and women) have always been treated.

    LOL, you’re wrong for a whole bunch of reasons, at least in the short term. If you racists had any sense at all, and have any hope of (your great-grandchildren) escaping your self-fulfilling prophesy, you’d be out there in the world, working for social justice and an economic model for our country that didn’t look like Texas.

    PI Visser (M. Emmet Walsh) narrating the opening of “Blood Simple” with a nasal, whiney twang. IMO the best introduction to a movie ever filmed.

    “The world is full o’ complainers. An’ the fact is, nothin’ comes with a guarantee. Now I don’t care if you’re the pope of Rome, President of the United States or Man of the Year; somethin’ can all go wrong. Now go on ahead, y’know, complain, tell your problems to your neighbor, ask for help, ‘n watch him fly. Now, in Russia, they got it mapped out so that everyone pulls for everyone else… that’s the theory, anyway. But what I know about is Texas, an’ down here… you’re on your own.

  7. Lotta,

    I don’t frequent white-power sites, but you are free to continue visiting them all you like. And you can visit brown-power sites like La Raza and the NAACP as well. Suit yourself.

    And I reserve the right to label the NAACP, the SPLC, La Raza, or whatever racial promotion group, as I see fit. Just as you and they label white groups whatever you wish. Just as the NAACP, the SPLC, and La Raza label others.

    I realize you and they may think only you and they can pass these racial judgment on others, issue quasi-authoritative condemnations, and slap on labels. And you and they may even try to make these ethereal and abstract ideas criminal thought crimes. But if in the past Democrats and leftists have elected themselves to be the arbiters of what racism, hate, and supremacy are, I now can elect myself to determine what they are as I see fit.

    I am only following the lefts’ example.

    You are not my boss, nor my mommy. and you are certainly not a god who is fit to determine what racism, hate, or supremacist thinking is for the rest of us to bow down to.

    I do not give you that power over me.

    I’m not saying these things about non-whites in America because I am a racist. Being a racist is against my faith which teaches that all mankind is of one blood and Jesus died for all people, not just whites. I am saying these things because of the irrefutable evidence that whites are intentionally being reduced to a majority race in America by the US government through its immigration policy. And I view this as being done in violation of the legal definition of genocide according to the 1947 law. And the brown supremacists (of any stripe or color) are being dishonest if they think I should shut up about it.

    Someone has to be causing this most epic of racial transformations in the history of the world and I’m going to point out who I think it is responsible. The elimination of the American Indian from the northern territories (they still remained in all of South America) pales in comparison. And it was never intentional. Blacks and Hispanics know exactly what is going on as we speak.

    You did know that the Latinos and Hispanics are of the same origins as the Indians. Right? Okay. Good.

    So, from where I stand these above groups who support the current status quo immigration system or issue vicious condemnations against those who oppose it also support the genocide. What else could it be? This is not a racist conclusion of mine, it is a factual conclusion based on the evidence.

    Of course, you will recall (because you are so darn smart) that genocide ALSO includes the intentional replacement/displacement of religious groups by government officials. Thus our policy is intentionally favoring Catholics. America is becoming Catholic by virtue of immigration and not conversion. This is genocide by definition.

    When the 1965 Immigration Act was established it was promised by government officials that it would not effect the ethnic makeup of the country such that it would be noticeable. This was and continues to be a lie and fraud perpetuated on the people who this was promised to. And the forced relegation of whites to minority status and the changing over from a mostly protestant nation to soon to be a very catholic one is by definition genocide.

    But hey, it’s only happening to white protestant people, so who cares?

    Thus, I consider anyone, in the groups listed above, who upholds this immigration policy and/or issues vicious condemnations against those who oppose this policy to be brown supremacists. And the reason I consider them brown supremacists is also because they don’t believe whites ought to be a majority and browns should be and thus they want the status quo to continue.

    This is the very act of brown supremacy on their part. I would like you to be offended by it, but I doubt you can be.

    They consider supremacy bad only if whites promote it or allegedly promote it. Of course, whites never intended to make America a white nation. It just worked out that way. They were just doing what they did WHILE BEING WHITE and never intended to do BECAUSE they were white.

    This is completely unlike what is happening now where brown supremacists know exactly what they are doing: making whites a minority racial group in America, and non-whites the majority. More non-whites: good; More whites: bad.

    (Please note: I am white).

    Steve Sailer writes:

    “The Census Bureau says:

    ‘In 2050, the nation’s population of children is expected to be 62 percent minority, up from 44 percent today. Thirty-nine percent are projected to be Hispanic (up from 22 percent in 2008), and 38 percent are projected to be single-race, non-Hispanic white (down from 56 percent in 2008).'”

    If the NAACP, La Raza, SPLC, and every member of the Democratic Party in America would like to not be considered brown supremacists or genocidal maniacs (by me), then they should stop behaving like it. But they don’t care, they like it.

    And this is the gutsy conversation even Eric Holder is too chicken and too cowardly to have.

  8. Bdaman,

    A friend of mine ended up with a c-pap machine and it was her most favoriteist, wonderful piece of technology. She grew to love it. Once she started sleeping properly most of her other physical and mental problems went away.

    The study showed that she wasn’t getting the deep or REM sleep she needed and she was thrashing around all night. As her sleep apnea worsened she was increasingly grouchy, forgetful and had problems concentrating. She tired easily. She never slept well enough to relax and would wake up with muscle soreness. Almost all that went away with a c-pap machine.

    She needed a new test a couple of times because symptoms did return and it was caused by her breathing rhythm and depth changing over a few years time and the c-pap machine had to be re-calibrated for that.

    She was a real success story for the technology.

  9. Bdaman, Ginsburg has been ill with cancer twice and undergone chemo. Even in the most recent pictures of her standing she was hunched over, and she doesn’t seem to be able to hold her head up properly. It doesn’t look like she can stand properly upright.

    Both chemo and radiation play havoc with bone growth, Ginsberg being an older woman with some good likelihood of bone mass loss prior to, during, and after her cancers could have that and the cancer treatment contributing to her current appearance as well.

    She has been caught dozing off during business so she may well have nodded off during the SotU or she may have been just totally hunched over because it was the most comfortable way for her to sit.

    Or both 🙂

  10. Bdaman
    1, January 26, 2011 at 7:52 pm
    Slarti cross your fingers, I hope to have a CPAP by your return. My wife says I should get dental work first. That way when I’m at the sleep clinic they won’t record the flies going in and out of my mouth. 🙂


    Ugh … what a picture that put in my mind!

  11. Lotta,
    well said. The Southern Poverty Law Center is a Brown Power/supremacist group??? Where did that come from? OK Tootie, tell us how the SPLC is a supremacist group.
    good luck with the CPAP process.

  12. 2T: ““I’ve read the same thing on ‘Stormfront’, KKK and other white-power sites.”

    NAACP, Southern Poverty Law Center and other brown power/supremacist groups.

    Call me not impressed with your little game.”

    False equivalency. You apparently aren’t spending enough time on the white power sites or on the “brown power” sites to know that. Believe me, it’s a false equivalency; or do more reading and you’ll see it for yourself.

  13. Slarti cross your fingers, I hope to have a CPAP by your return. My wife says I should get dental work first. That way when I’m at the sleep clinic they won’t record the flies going in and out of my mouth. 🙂

  14. Elana Kagan was there but not in the picture. I bet she was the only one smiling. Sotomayor looks like she just wants to go home.

  15. Lottakatz:

    You wrote:

    “I’ve read the same thing on ‘Stormfront’, KKK and other white-power sites.”

    NAACP, Southern Poverty Law Center and other brown power/supremacist groups.

    Call me not impressed with your little game.

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