Swift or Loon? California Mayor Moves To Broadcast Recorded Bird Sounds on Sidewalks

Who needs real birds when you can simply pipe them in? Lancaster (CA) mayor R. Rex Parris has announced his desire to have bird sounds played on loudspeakers around the city to make people happier.

Parris insists that studies show that bird sounds make people happier — even recorded bird sounds.

It is not clear whether they will also tweet out Bible verses given Parris’ prior pledge that he was growing the city into a Christian community. That would make them Birds of Pray and tie together Parris’ various initiatives.

The sounds may smooth the hard feelings among pit bulls in the city who were castrated under a prior law passed by Parris. His other acts included ordering city officials to learn Mandarin to attract Chinese money.

Perhaps these are the birds he had in mind for the sidewalks of Lancaster:

Source: CBS

21 thoughts on “Swift or Loon? California Mayor Moves To Broadcast Recorded Bird Sounds on Sidewalks”

  1. Eat your words!!! This “looney” idea to assist the citizens of Lancaster, CA be more happy worked!! Crime in the city dropped significantly!! The city isn’t broke either! In fact, they city is doing so well and haven’t cut any of its programs. : ) Now go and listen to birds singing! You need an attitude adjustment! Nay sayers that are just too negative. The good Book says, if you don’t got nothing good to say, don’t say it at all! (obviously paraphrased)
    God bless you all!

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