Coulter Courts? Iran Creates A New Media Court To Jail Journalists

Ann Coulter may have finally found a country with that perfect mix of robust conservative values and restrictions on the free press . Only days after Ann Coulter was met with thunderous applause at CPAC after proclaiming “I think there should be more jailed journalists,” Iranian officials have announced the creation of a new court for media crimes. It is not clear whether the Iranians will name the new tribunals “Coulter courts” but they should be a real crowd pleaser for those who wildly applauded at CPAC.

In the video below, when an audience member asked Coulter about the problem of “jailed journalists” around the world, Coulter responded by saying that she did not view that as a problem and wanted to see more jailed journalists. The only statement that seemed to thrill the crowd as much was the pledge of Newt Gingrich to eliminate the Environmental Protection Agency.

It appears that stoning people under Sharia law is not sufficient. Abbas Zagholi, the head of Iran’s Government Employees Court, said the new judicial branch “was necessitated by the special media crimes . . . For certain reasons, such as great developments in mass media, the Tehran prosecutor felt the need to create a more independent court to deal with media affairs.”

Iran has become a paradise for Coulter with at least 34 journalists detained at the end of last year in Iran. They are now tied with that other Coulteresque society: China. According to the article below, those jailed reporters include Mohammad Davari, editor of the news website Saham News, who was arrested after reporting on the rape and torture of detainees at Kahrizak Detention Center.

Many American conservatives have argued that American journalists should have been criminally charged for revealing the torture of detainees by the Bush Administration and the use of secret prisons. This was the subject of a hearing at the House Intelligence Committee where I testified for media protections, here.

Source: CNN

Jonathan Turley

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  1. Annie,

    The Canadian government didn’t actually send fighting troops to Vietnam. The interviewer was correct about that. That said, I think he could have carried on a discussion of the subject with Coulter. That would have clarified what he meant.

  2. this was funny, someone makes a post calling Ann Coulter a liar, then someone else makes a post saying that no Ann Coulter had her facts straight, and then people pile on calling Ann Coulter a propagandist even though she was right in her facts with the Canadian journalist (who should be the one accused of diseminating false information).

    Yep, I am in the Leftward Land of Oz.

  3. the problem with people and agendas is that there are some who would stop at nothing to see their agendas come to fruition…some are that invested….or fearful…

    sometimes not getting what you want is not the worst that can happen….

  4. “…people who are propagandist dismiss facts to the extent that they only view the truth as an inconvenience to their overall agenda.”

    yup, I agree

  5. Nothing in life or the news media is perfect, one need only listen to the diatribes of Ann Coulter, or the 24 hour propaganda station, FOX News to be certain that journalism has lost a leg along the path of impartiality. Propaganda is the actuarial format that individuals like Ann Coulter use as a tool of division; therefore, it does not surprise me that she would support the policies of an oppressive country that suppresses journalist who would dare to respect and report the truth; certainly, in my humble opinion, people who are propagandist dismiss facts to the extent that they only view the truth as an inconvenience to their overall agenda.

  6. The only free press left in this country is the pennysaver at the supermarket.

    Google “operation mockingbird” some day when you have a few
    minutes to spare.

  7. It is always the loudest and most obscene that move so vehemently to the right. Ann has more offenses than any real journalist, but she is only making her bucks because we protect free speech, even stupid blond conservative free speech… she might want to be careful what she hopes for.

  8. well done Chan!

    Coulter is still not my idea of a good….whatever she is….

  9. “In 1973 the International Commission of Control and Supervision Vietnam (ICCS) was responsible for securing the armistice that lasted two years from 1973 to 1975, known as Operation Gallant. Canada, a member of the commission, contributed 240 Canadian Forces whose role was to monitor the cease-fire in South Vietnam, according to the Paris Peace Conference, and to arrange the release and exchange of more than 32,000 prisoners of war. In addition, ten to forty thousand Canadians, voluntarily served in Vietnam or during the Vietnam era with the American military, of whom 111 Canadians, were lost. One Canadian soldier, Toronto born Peter C. Lemon, won the Congressional Medal of Honor.

    The Canadian government believed that because of its membership in ICCS, that Canada had to remain impartial during the Vietnam Conflict. While Canada as a nation was not involved in the fighting, Canadians themselves formed the largest foreign contingent in the U.S. military during the Vietnam era. Although exact numbers are not obtainable, some estimate that between 30,000 and 40,000 served and that 12,000 Canadians actually were in American uniforms in the war zone. The Canadian Armed Forces won a Nobel Peace Prize for their efforts in Vietnam.

    When the Canadian Vietnam veterans returned to their homeland, they were even more unwelcome than here in the United States, where at least returning veterans had access to government resources. Today, there is a memorial, “The North Wall”, at Assumption Park, Windsor, Ontario, overlooking the Detroit River. It honors the 103 Canadians who lost their lives in Vietnam and the seven who went missing in action. It is a fine tribute to those Canadians who served and sacrificed all for their belief in freedom.”

  10. Just one more video about the dumb blonde “thinks she knows it all” Coulter:


  11. Watching the CPAC audience and those invited to speak to them is pure entertainment. Blinded by self-admiration, CPACers smile and remain completely clueless as to what the country is laughing at.

  12. Mann Coulter is so lucky the GOP hasn’t touched tort reform yet. I’m sure he can get a bizzillion dollars from the surgeon who obviously botched his sex change.

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