Fatty Spinach or Leafy Pork? Japanese Scientists Successfully Implant Spinach Genes Into Pig

Next time your spouse tells you to put down those pork rinds, you may soon be able to say “I’m just get my vegetables.” Scientists in Japan have successfully implanted Spinach in a pig for the first time to produce a healthier pig. While the industry may be able to drop the slogan “pork, the other white meat” for “pork, the other vegetable.”

In this case, adding the the FAD2 gene converted about a fifth of the piglets’ saturated fatty acids into healthier linoleic acids.

Research team leader Akira Iritani said the pigs with the spinach gene had less fat than normal and was a perfectly functioning living mammal. I fear he is living in a fool’s paradise. We tried messing around with GM alteration with vegetable and came out with “Carrot Top” — widely viewed as an unparalleled disaster in our society.

Source: BBC

17 thoughts on “Fatty Spinach or Leafy Pork? Japanese Scientists Successfully Implant Spinach Genes Into Pig”

  1. pig and spinach maybe but
    pig and elephant dna just won’t splice

  2. Okay, the ‘Carrot Top’ part was very funny.


    The Popeye song’s melody is very similar to Cattle Call and I then the song writer borrowed the melodic contours and slowed down and reversed then a bit with a few other tweeks.

    Popeye come first.

  3. I just spent the last 15 min. trying to find an online copy of the onion article “Desperate Vegetarians declare cows vegetables.”

  4. At last! Now Popeye can eat pork! Look out, Bluto!

    “I’m strong to the finish,
    ‘Cause I eats me pork rinds,
    I’m Popeye the Sailor Man!
    Toot! Toot!”

  5. why would anyone would want to ruin a perfectly good pork chop with spinach?

    spinach, beets and the brussels sprout are, in fact, a food ruse* and not to be taken seriously.

    *food ruse shamelessly stolen from Will Durst

  6. Come on, Frank. Shall I put you down on the list of those refusing life saving medical therapies because it involves genetic modification? The natural world isn’t perfect as 200,000 years of human modification has shown.

  7. Not content with just fouling up the environment as much as humanly possible we now seem intent on fouling up all life forms too. Good thing the earth will have 10k-50k years to recover after we have destroyed mankind. Maybe the next species to raise will be smarter.

  8. This is interesting just yesterday I was reading about GM foods…..

    Eight Foods You Should Almost Never, Ever Eat

    Most soybean, corn, cotton and canola crops in the U.S. are genetically altered. Some experts argue that these crops could pose serious health and environmental risks, but the scientific picture is currently incomplete — deliberately so.

    Agricultural corporations such as Monsanto and Syngenta have restricted independent research on the crops. They have refused to provide independent scientists with seeds, or else have set restrictive conditions that severely limit research. This is legal because under U.S. law, genetically engineered crops are patentable.


    Its ok to link to this site or so far I have not gotten spammed…..

  9. Call me old-fashioned, but there’s just too much “muckin’ around” with mother-nature… Leave the darn pigs alone, for pete’s sake…

    (re: “Carrot Top”… 🙂 )

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