No Yolk: Boy Eggs in China Rely on Real Boys

After reading this on Reddit, I had to share but you may want to get through your breakfast first. I have been repeatedly to China and have had some exotic foods (including hundred-year-old eggs) but I have never run into tong zi dan (童子蛋), or “Boy Egg.” Known also as “Virgin Eggs,” the eggs are the official food of Dongyang, China and are made by steaming them in the urine of young boys.

Boy eggs are sold on street corners throughout the city. How do they get their supply of boy urine? As shown in these pictures, schools required boys below the age of 10 to pee in public buckets that are collected at the end of the day. They are asked not to use the buckets if they are feeling poorly. I wonder if true connoisseurs can tell the difference and object, “hey, this tastes like pubescent urine!”

This is even a greater disappointment than when I found out that Scotch eggs are not actually cooked in Scotch. At least the Chinese rely on real boys for Boy Eggs.

The key is urine from prepubescent boys. The cost is 1.50 yuan (23 cents). They are supposed to give you added energy in the spring and prevent heat stroke in the summer. Except for those tourists who have a stroke after being told that their eggs at breakfast were steamed in boy urine.

Source: Investor Spot

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  1. HenMan 1, May 6, 2011 at 10:43 pm

    Dongyang, China? That’s appropriate.

    I wonder if it’s also popular in Peeking.



    Donno, guess it depends on what they are Peeking at?

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