Florida Boy Attacked, Stripped Naked in Public, and Videotaped By Three Girls — Resulting In No Charges

There is a sharp disconnect between two prank stories this morning. When Tyrell Morton put an inflatable girl in the girl’s bathroom at his high school, he ended up with a felony charge and a potential jail sentence of eight years. However, when three eighth-grade girls from Dunbar Middle school in Florida tackled an 11-year-old boy and stripped him naked (and proceeded to videotape him and taunt him), they were let go as a simple prank in bad taste.

In the video, the girls stop the boy to chat and then hold him down, strip him naked, and mock him. The video was put on YouTube.

The boy is a fifth grader at Ray Pottorf Elementary. One girl faced a single misdemeanor battery charges, but it was abandoned when the boy’s mother has refused to press charges. I commend her for her restraint, but I wonder what the charge would be if a group of boys attacked and stripped a girl in public, videotaped her, and mocked her.

I tend to disfavor criminal charges in such cases. However, it seems clear that the girls should be expelled and subject to the most severe forms of school punishment. What I find interesting, however, is the sharply different treatment given such acts by boys as opposed to girls. Indeed, I doubt seriously this would have even confined to a misdemeanor if the genders were reversed or that, with the existence of the videotape, the failure to press charges would be determinative. If the police witness or have evidence of a felony, they do not necessarily require the consent of the victim. Once again, I would not take this to the criminal system. Yet, I am surprised that the articles only refer to the possibility of parental punishment as opposed to immediate expulsion and other measures, such as denial of social clubs, graduation etc.

Jonathan Turley

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248 thoughts on “Florida Boy Attacked, Stripped Naked in Public, and Videotaped By Three Girls — Resulting In No Charges”

  1. Of COURSE the girls didn’tt get into trouble. This is AMERICA, people. It’s only a bad thing when it’s boy on girl, not the other way around. If this had been three boys doing it to a girl, it would splashed all over the mass media condemning the boys.

  2. Anyone followed up with this lately? Someone check with the Florida district attorney. I’m not in Florida so someone who lives there should do it.

  3. i agree. besides, i’m 12 and girls try to do this to me, it’s all-out war. the next day, there will most likely be bite mark s and bruises everywhere on th girl(s). maybe even a broken arm. i’m part snake which explains the biting. bring the motherf****ers to justice and get it over with. i hope they are stripped down teased videod and then the video goe on YouTube. then the funnyness starts to happen…

  4. just awful…
    since the video at the top has been taken down, here’s a news story about it that shows some clips (blurred out of course).

  5. There’s nothing amusing about what these girls did. They should face some kind of punishment thru the school if it happened on school grounds. If not maybe a swing thru juvenile court and some un-amusing community service might make them aware that they cannot do things like this.

    Now for something amusing, the video above states that it’s unavailable due to copyright infringements claimed by Disney, Disney, & the Cartoon Network. WTF?

  6. The calls for violence or retribution in the comments are just signs that men are becoming aware that we are now second class citizens in America. It is up to women to restore the balance before there is a back lash. Because a backlash will look a lot like the way women are treated in Saudi Arabia or Nepal or Haiti.

    Behavior like this makes me completely non-surprised when I read about yet another school shooting. It’s still sad, but it’s not surprising.

  7. Well if it was me I’d be ready for payback…a video of them being stripped would soon be on YouTube…THEN we’ll see how funny it is…

  8. I feel so bad that this happened to this kid my self i am a kid just only 13 years old so i feel horible!;(

  9. They should ou the fucking bitches in jail. If you believe bs like it was the boys fault, then you should go to a shrink and get your head checked!


  11. I have to wonder what the reaction would have been if the attackers and victims had all been the same sex. Would there have been action taken if the girls had done this to another girl or if a group of boys had done this to the boy. It is a sad state.

    I agree with the people who question the parenting of the attackers. Will the parents really do anything? They have set the example and raised the girls to the point where they committed the crime.

    What emotional damage has been done to the boy? Will he now accept that he is not worth protecting and can be made a victim?

  12. Ross,
    This bullying did not happen on school property. It did not involve any school activity. School was out of session for the summer when it happened. Since it was not connected with the school in any way, the school has no authority to punish anybody for it.

    The school can punish Allie Marie Bailey, Ariana De La Torre, and Johnna Cadena for other assaults and bullying when they do these things on school property. Other students at their school should watch these girls carefully and report all infractions, even minor ones. It is important to establish that illegal behavior is normal for these girls. When they have a record of chronic misbehavior, they can be severly punished.

  13. I’m not surprised the mother didn’t press charges i’m in middle school and older girls can ruin your whole life if you annoy them but also I got a week of detentions because I hugged my girlfriend so I hope the principle gives a strong punishment

  14. There is definitely a disconnect, just as there is in how women are treated in comparison with men in society. I know of a man who was done great harm while working in an office full of women (& a female boss), yet he was illegally run out of multiple courts — apparently to cover it all up! No kidding, see a website called “Supremely UNjust”, or http://www.SupremelyUNjust.weebly.com to see proof of the fact that the courts, including the U.S. Supreme Court, simply ignored the evidence, the Law, legal precedent, & the U.S. Constitution to basically help “rape” the man & dump him out destitute! (Lost his car & living in a tent now!) Tell others about it, too, as the news seems unwilling to tell the truth about the popular employer.

  15. just cause they did do it, does mean they should be registered as sex offenders,barney. that’s crazy they 13 years old, they are kids themselves. what justice is that.

    punishment should be served, 100hrs. community service, and probation until they are 16, i think will be good enough.

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