Who Is This Woman?

This seems the week for super women. Just two days ago, we saw a story of a Chinese woman who ran over and caught a toddler in a ten–story fall. Now in Tottenham, England, this woman was caught on CCTV driving up to a fire, getting out of her car, rescuing a little boy from a burning building, and then just driving away.

If you recall the last adventure of an English Wonder Woman was seen in Florida when Helen Beard, an English tourist, caught a falling child.

The child, Arafat Hussein was severely burned and received immediate care from Josh Berkovits, a paramedic who was in the area. Both adults took the boy to a restaurant where they found he was severely burned. The family is believed to be from Somalia.

She helped care for the boy until the ambulances arrived and then she vanished — only to reappear on a beach later to use her trademark lasso and tiara . . .

Source: This Is London

12 thoughts on “Who Is This Woman?”

  1. have no fear, the press in its quest to never report anything substantial, will find and hound this wonderful woman into (almost) wishing she had not stopped.

  2. What lottakatz and Blouise said… A “quiet hero” comes to mind…

  3. Whoever she is she is another bona fide hero, running into a burning building is just about the most terrifying scenario I can imagine. I have a lot of respect for fire so folks that take the battle to it have my highest regards. To do it as an impulse and save a life is as heroic as it gets IMO. If this young lady had any outstanding Karmic debts to pay off I think she just may have wiped that slate clean.

  4. those kids were certainly ‘blessed’ or just really lucky. Anonymous good works are deserving of rich praise.

  5. Could be this woman is not interested in her 15 minutes of fame. If so, she really is a super person.

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