Charges Dropped Against Texas Pastor Who Allegedly Filmed Girls in Shower Due to Statute of Limitations

Minister Thomas Fortenberry of the Greater Harvest Community Church in Pasadena will not face trial for allegedly filming girls at his church while showering because the passage of the statute of limitations. The case is an example of how the statute can cut off prosecution even though the crime only occurred in 2007.

Fortenberry reportedly organized a “Fear Factor” game at the church and picked four girls to be drenched in honey. He then told them to take a shower where he allegedly had hidden a camera. To make the story all the more bizarre, he later dated one of the girls and, as they moved toward marriage, told her about the filming. She then went to the police. When confronted by a police officer, Fortenberry, 30, did not deny filming the underaged girls.

Since it was more than three years ago, he is now free to go.

It turns out that there are some racy passages involving honey in the Bible: “Your lips drip nectar, my bride; honey and milk are under your tongue; the fragrance of your garments is like the fragrance of Lebanon.” Song of Solomon 4:11 It did not however mention a video camera and tape player.

Source: Daily Mail

13 thoughts on “Charges Dropped Against Texas Pastor Who Allegedly Filmed Girls in Shower Due to Statute of Limitations”

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  2. I am surprised. I thought the statute would start running once the crime became known to the victim similar to med. mal clock ticking when the damages become known, not when the malpractice occurred.

  3. Oh, and on the topic of Song of Solomon 4:11 – there’s a great 80’s dance track called “Kiss Me” by Stephen “Tin Tin” Duffy whose lyrics are based on that passage. Its on youtube, but I won’t link to it here, as I don’t think that a sexy soundtrack is appropriate for an article about a skeevy pastor getting away with filming naked girls. (On the other hand, for decades in dance clubs around the world, that song has been inspiring the kind of bumping, grinding and general misbehaving of the sort very much frowned upon by the Old Testament…)

    (But my favorite passage from Songs is 2:9 where the speaker (presumably a woman in that part, but who knows?) compares her lover to to stag staring passionately at her through the fence of her garden. Steamy stuff! At a wedding, just after a reading of that passage, the priest uncomfortably tried to explain it as a metaphor for God’s love… um, uh, or something…. Yeah, right.)

  4. I was struck by a phrase in the article above:

    I went to both Catholic grammar school and high school, and while I wasn’t a regular church-goer, I’ve been to my fair share of masses on Sundays, along with parish events. Somehow, though, I never “showered at church.”

    (After gym class in high school, sure, but never “in” or “at” church.)

    As for Texas in general:
    Remember not that long ago when the Texas tourism board ran ads with the catch phrase, “Texas: It’s like a whole other country!” I would mutter to myself, “yeah, and lots of us wish it really was…”

    But seriously – they would quickly descend into an Iran-like whacked-out theocracy, and like Iran, would probably try pretty hard to develop nuclear weapons. It’s a bit of a Sun Tzu/Art of War paradox, but for the sake on national security, it’s probably better to keep Texas part of the US.

    Plus, it would be very impolite and unfair to Mexico to set Texas loose on their border. After all, we actively fought a war to keep Texas (along with several other scenic, charming states who never, ever make anyone regret the outcome of the Civil War), so we bear a fair amount of responsibility for them.

  5. As long as it was over three years ago underage kids in Texas can be filmed naked? There’s a certain segment of the pedo community (or community that practices child sexual exploitation more to the point) that may have found a new Mecca.

  6. Does anything ever happen in Texas that isn’t sleazy? Please, please secede. Then, I will support building a border fence. Mexico will want one too. W and Rick Perry can fight it out to determine who becomes the first King of Texas.That will eliminate all that messy “democracy” crap.

  7. OS and AY are correct that this “Pastor” should keep looking over his shoulder. I hope noone goes after him. I think this case should trigger a closer look at the statute of Limitations. In this case, the time is way too short. Were these girls minors at the time of the filming?

  8. At least there is no statute of limitations on how his congregation may react. And I might add, some angry fathers and brothers. The pastor might want to look for different pastures.

    If he gets off with only his tires being slashed, maybe he should consider himself lucky.

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