Neighbors Call Police When Man Slaughters Cow In Driveway . . . Police Declare It Perfectly Legal

Police in Ogden, Utah, were called to a man’s home when neighbors say that they heard a moo, a shot, and saw the man cutting off a cow’s head. The police came and declared that the man is allowed to butcher the animal at his home. And you thought your neighbors’ lady leg lamp in the front window was disturbing.

The man was first spotted driving the cow to the home and then neighbors reported that they heard the mooing and shot. However, the man insisted that he shot the cow outside city limits. The police arrived, according to the report, when the man was working a saw and “the cow was in the process of losing its head.”

Assuming that he did not shoot the cow within the city (which would be a misdemeanor), it turns out to be perfectly legal to butcher a cow in your drive way. The police simply suggested that the man pick a less visible spot. Otherwise, it might raise a question of disorderly conduct.

Source: Standard

23 thoughts on “Neighbors Call Police When Man Slaughters Cow In Driveway . . . Police Declare It Perfectly Legal”

  1. Andy,

    Keeping kids away from death and blood is not exactly unusual. Whether and when you want to expose your kids to such things as death and suffering should be up to you, not up to some guy down the street.

    About the “forcing people to watch part”, what if it was sex or nudity? It is also at the root of every human society, by force. This case is not about whether people should eat meat or not.

  2. How did this guy dispose of the guts? Slaughtering a cow seems pretty intensive. Other than that…

    Tony Bourdain on “No Reservations” attended a backyard pig slaughtering party in the Czech Republic. Its tough to imagine dealing with a substantially larger animal “at home” but, obviously people have been doing it for thousands of years.

  3. @guilhelm,

    He wasn’t forcing anyone to watch. More relevantly, why in the world would you call his actions “amoral”? What he did was, at worst, tacky and thoughtless, given the way we try to pretend we don’t know where our food comes from. But it’s silly to try to hide it from kids. Most people I know are still teaching their kids how to clean a fish, y’know? Like it or not, butchering an animal is at the root of pretty much every human communal activity.

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