Nigerian Legislators Pass New Law Imposing 14-Year Sentences For Homosexuality

The Senate of Nigeria, Africa’s most populous country, has passed a new law that will impose 14-year sentences on citizens found to be homosexuals. In addition, anyone who aids or “abets” same-sex unions will face 10 years in prison. The latter provision seems directed at human rights groups that work to help gays and lesbians who often face violence and discrimination in the country.

British prime minister, David Cameron, recently threatened to withhold aid from nations violating gays rights — triggering a backlash among African countries who insist that they have a right to criminally punish people for their sexual orientation.

Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe took that opposition to a new level and called Cameron “satanic” for defending gays, adding “Do not get tempted into that (homosexuality) madness. You are young people. If you go that direction, we will punish you severely. It is condemned by nature. It is condemned by insects and that is why I have said they are worse than pigs and dogs.” Condemned by insects? Mugabe must get news letters that are not available to the rest of us. It is a remarkable assertion of moral superiority from one of the most corrupt and cruel dictators in the world. It appears that the only thing worse than being gay is using Mugabe’s toilet, or perhaps a gay person using his toilet. That is also condemned by insects. Since “if you go [any] direction, [Mugabe] will punish you severely,” it really doesn’t matter if you are gay.

The Nigerian law raises serious questions about Western support in such countries — the same question raised in Afghanistan where women are denied basic rights. Should we follow Cameron’s lead and withhold aid to such countries in light of their denial of basic human rights?

Source: CNN

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11 thoughts on “Nigerian Legislators Pass New Law Imposing 14-Year Sentences For Homosexuality”

  1. God created us to do his will and worship him, he gave us rules to follow and some countries have grown wings to challenge him bcos they think they have power. Those who support and practice same sex nonesense, can u face God and his wrath?, repent now and change when their is time.

  2. How can anyone who is not spiritually possesed possibly get aroused by a same sex?, this is totally insane. Remember, God destroyed sodom and gomorrah bcos of this nd what do you think God will do to this generation, it is only a fool that says their is no God “proverbs”. This act is obviously from the devil and the people of God should be careful and apply the words of ephessians 6:12-13. May God have mercy on us all.

  3. Are you aware man is born polygamist? Why is it banned in Europe, though practiced in other parts of the world? It amazes me how in this day and age, Europeans continue to define human right and civilisation by what pleases them alone. The last time I checked a man’s anus is designed to discharge waste and smelly stuff. Anyone that thinks otherwise need his head checked. Africans have taken a natural approach to sexuality. Anyone unhappy about it can go to hell.

  4. pete,

    Your statement is either profoundly funny or funnily profound. I still haven’t decided which yet. It may be both.

  5. It’s true that Zimbabwean insects are strictly hetero and mostly Baptist by nature. Unfortunately, after being baptized in fast flowing Zimbabwean rivers, most are never heard from again. Apparently they journey downstream to convert gay athiest insects to the Baptist faith- or, possibly… they just drown.

  6. just goes to show you what happens when an entire country learns their religion from missionaries.

  7. It is there country and if they want to treat people in such a disgusting way, all we can do is try to influence them.

  8. This is an instance of the more general question: How should one country recognize and respond to the actions of another country. We have seen that near genocide was ignored in Rwanda.

    International law and international courts are the most likely answer. These may not lead to any more justice than ours do, but that will be a start.

    The question is, until then, what?
    A reasonable step would be to codify our proposal of what the international law should be, and not let the executive branch concoct a response as we go along.

  9. This really sucks…But if we can’t be progressive how can we impose our ideals on others….Oh yeah…we are…

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